An Unforgettable Night with Bob Fitts

21 June 2013 by Donna Uning CM –

Over 2000 people throng the venue at Blessed Church to catch Bob Fitt’s House of God Concert in Kuching on Wednesday night. Many had been waiting before 6 pm, gearing for the doors to open at 7pm for the concert. It was a line of many ‘meet and greet’ for the people of God who came from many churches and denominations in the city.


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By 8 pm, Bob Fitts and wife Kathy kicked off the concert with “Called to Worship”. This was followed by an opening prayer. After the second number “This is the Day”, Bob called out, “It is a great honor and privilege to taste durian for the first time in Kuching. It’s a special moment.” Pastor GT Lim from Blessed Church translated the messages and songs.

He continued teaching the crowd “Glorious” saying, “Jesus made this promise, where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am right in the middle of this.” Jesus is here tonight beloved, he said.


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“I heard you called this the chapel. Wow! That’s quite a chapel.” He was talking about the huge, state-of-the-art church which opened last November. “Although we love the beauty of the house, you know who the house is? Each and every one of you, you are the beautiful house of God. We so love being here. We love to hear the sound of music in Hokkien or was it Mandarin?”

Bob continued with “Glory, glory Lord” with translation in Hawaiian, Spanish and Indonesian; and “He is lovely.” He also told the church, “I don’t know what it is, but when I feel blessed my left leg goes up in the air.” As we worship, receive restoration to your church. He brings healing to you. God’s power is so amazing, he said.


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“Our master King and Savior is here to meet you tonight. Beloved, what’s in your heart? What do you need church? Jesus gave everything for you, He wants to bless you, because He wants to restore your heart.” He continued saying Jesus wants to bring healing, a new sense of direction and hope.

Bob then called for those who may not know Jesus, “All you need to say is, I believe.” Jesus brought you here tonight; He says ‘I bore it all for you. Because of my victory on the cross, you too can have victory.’ I know I’m speaking to someone tonight, he said. “Tonight is your night.”

He then asked the crowd, “How many of you here are under 40 years old?”  He asked the people to shout and give glory to God.  “But, you haven’t heard from my generation. Okay everybody who’s over 40?”  He said, “The bible says every nation, every tribe; every generation will give glory to our amazing God!”


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With “Love to be with you,” he explained that the song was written by his son, who is under 40. It’s a fast song, he called to the over 40s. “Stand on your feet, all generations, lift up this place!”

After the break, Bob and Kathy were surprised with an anniversary cake. The couple’s 37th wedding anniversary was on June 12. “I’m so humbled by that (cake presentation), to be part of a family,” he said. “I believe tonight that God is going to heal some marriages, there’s healing between sons and fathers, daughters and mothers, because God’s presence here wants to bless your family.”

God is able, he said, saying his son wrote the song “Love to be with you.” He is married two years ago to a wonderful woman of God, he told. “God is the God of the family and He’s healing you tonight church!”

He spoke of the cover on his latest CD of a father throwing a young child in the air. “That’s my father and that little baby flying in the air is me when I was two years old.” “My father is a man of God, who loves Jesus,” he added. When I sing this song tonight, think about the three generations of men who chose to follow Jesus. “I speak over your family; I speak over your children.”

Bob then sang a slower version of “Love to be with you” and “As we worship”. “Even if we remain faithless, He remains faithful,” he said. “Be healed in Jesus’ name. Tonight, you are receiving something from God. Lift your hands.”

Kathy Fitts talked to the people about Revelation chapter 3, “Jesus is called the Amen. He is the Amen. He is the author and finisher of our faith. He says amen to your prayers; He lives to make intercession for us and He is our Amen. When Jesus is our Amen to our prayers, we can rest that it will be answered,” Kathy Fitts said.

With “Rest”, Bob called, “I’m speaking the Word of God to you.” He continued with “He will come and save you.”

“I believe God sent us all the way from Hawaii. Some of you have given up on your dreams; you walk through brokenness and difficulty. It’s been a hard season for you. My wife Kathy and I are here because Jesus loves you so much. He would send a messenger to say to you ‘Don’t give up, Lift up your heads.’”

Jesus has heard your prayer and He will answer you.  Jesus is here to save you, he sang. “I believe there are people who have come to Jesus tonight,” he called, saying, “Jesus us rescuing people as we worship tonight.”

“Already God is giving you songs that go all around the world, do you know that?” he said after leading the church with a local worship song. “I believe, Kuching, your best days are yet to come!” The power of Jesus is here tonight. He asked everyone to hold hands, saying, “Tonight God is healing families, God has healed you from your diseases, He’s healed you from your poverty, God is a healing God! Amen!” He continued with “Blessed be the Lord God Almighty” and ended with “The Lord reigns.”


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Surprise anniversary gifts for Kathy and Bob Fitts, with Bro Phillip Yong


The concert ended with an altar call. Bro Phillip Yong from Full Gospel Businessmen, Kuching went on stage to call the church to continue praying for the city. “As we’ve been blessed, we are to bless others,” he said. The concert goers were represented by over 30 churches. Earlier, Blessed Church members performed several cultural dances. Ps GT Lim also sang on stage.

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