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21 April 2014 by Adeline Lum CM-


On April 5th, more than 600 people came to the first fund-raising dinner event held by Vineyard Outreach—a ministry for people in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and recently Yunnan, China—at Restoran Taman Rahsna, Klang. 

Founded and chaired by Pr Randall Chee, many pastors showed their support to the ministry including Pr Suresh Sundram and Shanthini from City Revival Church and Rev Lawrence Chen and Pr Ron Hee from New Life Restoration Centre.


Fund-raising dinner event held at Restoran Taman Rahsna, Klang
Fund-raising dinner event held at Restoran Taman Rahsna, Klang


Over the past 17 years, Vineyard Outreach Ministries had planted eight churches in Thailand, ten in Myanmar, and two in Laos beside the Children Homes for orphans and children from destitute background. There are also over 60 preaching points spread out in this Golden Triangle region and Yunnan, China.

Organizer and emcee Aaron Andy welcomed the guests, followed by Pr Daniel Kumar who sang Christians songs in seven languages, before Pr Suresh Sundram was invited to give the first message of the evening.


Pr Daniel Kumar singing Christians songs in seven languages
Pr Daniel Kumar singing Christians songs in seven languages


Pr Suresh shared how he appreciated the faithfulness of Pr Randall in giving up his career as an engineer to answer the Great Commission (Matt 28:19), which says, “Therefore go and make disicples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

His quiet and steadfast labor of building God’s Kingdom through Vineyard Outreach has raised many pastors and leaders in other nations, shared Pr Suresh. Ultimately, he shared that the calling for everyone is to pray, to give, and to go as a missionary to share the gospel.


Pr Suresh Sundram of City Revival Church
Pr Suresh Sundram of City Revival Church


“The biggest challenge is go. Sometimes it’s easy to give. It’s easy to pray. How about going? Some of us may have a missionary call to plant church and be a blessing to the people there?” said Pr Sundram. Christ alone has already offered salvation to the world, but He cannot save the world alone; that is why Jesus asked us to go and make disciples of all nations.

Next, Pr Lawrence Chen from New Life Restoration Church came onstage to say a prayer of blessing over dinner. Through his penned words in the Vineyard Outreach booklet, he shared how he appreciated NLRC’s partnership with Vineyard Outreach to teach God’s Word and share life lessons in Tachileik, Ban Khilek, and Don Keaw missions. Besides NLRC, Glad Tidings AOG, Klang also expressed their appreciation for their partnership with Vineyard Outreach.

Many talented performers graced the stage with singing while the attendees enjoyed dinner including Ah Wakors from the Gideon Brothers, Pr Joanne from Pulau Ketam Baptist Outreach, Pr Joel, and Emanuel Youths.


Emanuel Youths of Hosanna Praise Assembly in Kajang
Emanuel Youths of Hosanna Praise Assembly in Kajang

Pr Joel
Pr Joel


Pr Randall Chee came on-stage after the performances to share the mission of Vineyard Outreach to touch hearts and change lives. The purpose of this dinner, Pr Randall shared, is to raise funds to complete a Training Centre for pastors and leaders, at Mae Chan, Thailand.

He also shared about the various ongoing initiatives of Vineyard Outreach in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Yunnan, China, which included planting churches, building children’s homes, and running community projects (i.e. video ministry, medical program, distribution program and family adoption program, water project, livelihood program).

From this sharing, he hope that individuals would volunteer to share their knowledge and expertise in fulfilling these projects, whether short, mid, or long term.


Pr Randall Chee giving a speech for the Vineyard Outreach
Pr Randall Chee giving a speech for the Vineyard Outreach


Next, advisor Philip Ong of Vineyard Outreach came on-stage to share how he was touched by Pr Randall’s genuine care for the poor villagers of Thailand, shown by his multiple trips of five to six times a year there.

Touched by his passion, Philip eventually followed and lived a humble life living among the poor, eating their food, and enjoying the fellowship. Ever since his first time following Pr Randall in year 1999, bro Philip Ong shared that he never turned back, seeing how Vineyard Outreach caused such a major transformation in the lives of real people.


Would you like to partner with Vineyard Outreach?


You can contribute by:


1. Helping financially through

  • Child sponsoring
  • Supporting our co-workers and staffs, hill tribe pastors, and their children
  • Contributing towards various community projects and livelihood programs
  • Relief and distribution program to poor families in Northern Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos​​

​2. Volunteering as

  • Teacher
  • Trainer
  • Project coordinator
  • Healthcare giver

3. Being a mission partner, by becoming a

  • Prayer partner
  • Mission coordinator or worker
  • Short-term missionary
  • Church planter​​


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