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“But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father who is in heaven forgive your transgressions ” (Mark 11:26)



Forgiveness is a powerful faculty of our human makeup that God has ingrained in our lives. God has given us the will and liberty to exercise this tool to set somebody free or to hold on to unforgiveness and to be enslaved by it. It’s amazing how forgiveness plays a very crucial part in our well-being to live and function in this world.




But sadly, it is found to be in short supply in humanity today because we live in a very revengeful ungodly world where people are encouraged not to extend forgiveness to each other. The problem with many people is that when they have an issue of unforgiveness they always go to friends for advice and so often the advice is contrary to God’s word.  I am afraid I have to say to you that this not the will of God at all!

The aggressor says “Over my dead body. I don’t want to forgive and I will never forgive”.  Many people do not realize the destructive power of unforgiveness. What are you so angry about that you carry an attitude of unforgiveness? Anger, bitterness and hostility are very enslaving attitudes that many people are unaware about. It’s a toxic poisonous killer of your life. You may not realize it on the outside but on your inside it eats away your life moment by moment.



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Scientifically it is being proven increasingly that many physical and emotional sickness are related to the mind and heart of a person. When your heart is not right, when it’s full of resentment and hatred, it affects your hormone balance in your body and this indirectly affects the whole function of your well-being. The bitter root of unforgiveness that people carry within themselves will destroy your life. Listen! Scientists have discovered when people are willing to let go and release forgiveness to others, unusual speedy healings and recovery began to take place particularly in long term patients who have been suffering from psychosomatic illnesses without a cure for a long time.



It is absolutely an undeniable fact that the fallen world in which we live in is corrupt and demonic and it has been unfair and unjust to most of us.  I suppose these unfair and unjust things happen to all of us at some point in time. That is part of life I guess! 




You know what?  At the end of the day, you and I have a choice. You may have been hurt by others in the past. But what is more important, is how you choose to deal with that hurt.  We can either hold on to our hurts and pain and end up bitter and sick, or we can choose to let go and move forward and trust God to make it up for us. Forgiveness is a choice to hand over all your hurts and pain to God and move forward or you can hold on to unforgiveness, stay stagnant, and waste away all your life.

People who harbor anger, resentment and unforgiveness often do not realize that they are poisoning their own lives. The fact of the matter is that when we don’t forgive we are not hurting the other person! We are not hurting the company that did us wrong. We are not only hurting God! We are hurting ourselves!



Have you ever questioned as to why some people do not really enjoy peace and joy in their lives? Why do they often struggle to accept others and the difficulty of flowing with others? The Bible says: “Out of the heart flow the issues of life.” (Matt.15:19). In other words it simply says, if we carry bitterness on the inside of us, it’s going to end up contaminating everything that comes out of us. It will contaminate our attitudes and everything related to our personalities and ultimately mess our lives up.




When we hold on to unforgiveness and we live with grudges we are only building walls of separation. We may think we are protecting ourselves but in reality you aren’t! We will be simply isolating and feeling lonely wrapped up and imprisoned by our own bitterness.



You know what? Those walls that we build around ourselves will also block God’s blessings and favour from pouring out into your lives. Jesus prayed to the Father for those who were crucifying him on the cross; “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing,”. How could you not forgive when the Son of God Himself chose to forgive? Jesus says if you do not forgive neither will your Father forgive you!




Unforgiveness will hinder your prayers from being answered. Listen! If you want to live a healthy long life of peace and joy, you must tear down these walls! You don’t have an option no matter how justified your excuses may appear to be of holding on to unforgiveness towards anybody! You must forgive the people who hurt you. You must get out of the prison! Get the bitterness out of your life today. FORGIVE AND LIVE, LIFE IS SHORT!!


JaiNote: Rev Dr Jai Kumar is an ordained & licensed minister of   Covenant Ministries International N.J. USA. He is a mission    minded pastor who carries an apostolic anointing who  preaches  and teaches an uncompromising gospel  with  boldness. A member  of ECCM (Malaysia)  Spiritual Adviser &  overseer to various  ministries and churches. An itinerant  speaker.  He is also the  author of a book entitled, ‘God’s Time  Clock.’ Currently he  worships  at C3 Subang.


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– Rev Dr Jai Kumar

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