The Power of the Blood: Rev Dr Jai Kumar at Destiny C3 Church, Subang


Our identity as Christians is intrinsically tied to the blood of Jesus. It is through the immense price of the blood paid by Jesus that we are able to come before God, forgiven and clean before His sight. Recently, in a message by Rev Jai at C3 Subang, he conveyed how encompassing the power of the blood is in the life of Christians.


The Context

From the earliest time, the blood offering had been an essential part in the connection of relationship between God and men. During the time of Moses, God instructed His people to build a tabernacle. In Hebrews 8:5 it is stated that the earthly tabernacle that Moses built was a copy and shadow of the heavenly one. The Old Testament tabernacle was a mirror image of the heavenly tabernacle.

This tabernacle was a holy site and it necessitated that everything within it (the utensils, the vessels, and the mercy seat) had to be cleansed with blood as the high priest entered into the holy of holies. Why was there this necessity?


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‘The problem was not with the tabernacle. There was a fundamental problem with humanity. We were dead in our trespasses and the sin was the cause of it. We had exchanged the Kingdom of God for the kingdom of darkness. God’s justice system demanded death for sin and the wages of sin is death. Sin had corrupted mankind and crippled us with shame and we were literally left at a stage of curse and inferiority. This had to be dealt with once and for all.’

It was for this reason that Jesus had to pay that immense price for mankind on that cross. He had come to bring the Law into fulfilment. Having paid the price in full, He had to return back to Heaven. The blood was shed on earth but the fulfilment of it was effected in Heaven.  


The Difference between the Earthly and the Heavenly Tabernacle

In all of this we notice one thing; from the very beginning of human history there was no approach or fellowshipping with God without the shedding of blood. It was by blood alone that God and man could be brought into a covenant relationship. The reason for this is clear. The life of all breathing things is in the blood. Cut off the blood supply and the being dies.

‘Notice that in connection with the first covenant, everything was sprinkled with blood, both the people and the tabernacle. Without the blood, there was no connection between sinful man and a holy God. Similarly in the new dispersion, the only thing between God and us is the blood of Christ. Therefore the blood of Jesus is the only way that can reconnect us into that relationship that was lost because of sin,’ Rev Jai pointed.


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The blood was a sacred matter to God. It was a serious thing; only the appointed high priest could enter into the holy of holies and if he were to do so without the lamb’s blood or without observing the proper purification procedure, he would be struck dead. There was a deep separation between man and God caused by sin.     

Only the high priest Jesus could enter into the holy of holies in the Heavenly Tabernacle with a more superior and more excellent sacrifice. Only a perfect offering could deliver us from this root problem and it could only be carried out by a perfect man, Jesus who was both fully man and fully divine.

The earthly tabernacle was a blood sacrifice of animals; bulls and goats. It had to be done over and over again. It was a temporary offering for the forgiveness of sins and it could only provide an outward cleansing. It had no power over the conscience of men and therefore could not touch the root issue of sin. The Heavenly Tabernacle was cleansed only once with a better sacrifice and with a more excellent sacrifice. Heb. 9:26 and 28 says that Christ was offered up only once. It was done. It was finished. It did not just cover our sins in the way the earthly tabernacle did; it penetrated the root cause of sin and blotted them out.


The Understanding of the Power of the Blood Will Set Us Free

Rev Jai shared that one of the fundamental problems of mankind today is that we think that we are smarter than God. In the Book of Leviticus, the Israelites had received certain rules and regulations that helped to build and shape them up as a separate nation unto God. As long as they were following God’s instructions, they were protected and preserved from sickness and adversity. And eventhough they wandered the wilderness for 40 years due to their disobedience, they did not perish as a people. God preserved them and He was still faithful to bring them into the Promised Land.   


Rev Dr Jai Kumar at Destiny C3 Subang.


‘We must understand the Kingdom of God. It is not something that is going to come in the future.  The Kingdom of God is the sub-total of 2 things: firstly, the Spirit of God. The spirit of God is what comes into you when you are born-again and it regenerates your dead spirit. The Holy Spirit.

‘Secondly, it is the atmosphere of God – the domain of God- the culture of God – the life-style of God. When we live our lives by the teachings of Jesus and uphold the truth of His Word, we carry the atmosphere of God in our lives. And we can release this atmosphere into this earth.

‘We are redeemed by the blood of Jesus to become kingdom enforcers in this earth. We are supposed to bring the influence of heaven back to earth. God wants to restore the government of heaven back to earth. The reason why He redeemed us is for us to play a role as His representatives and ambassadors; to enforce His kingdom and take back this earth for God.

‘The domain of God- the atmosphere of God, its standards, values and ethics and culture is the very cure and remedy for all human problems in this earth. It is the ultimate answer to man’s ultimate need! It is the ultimate solution to all the problems of this earth. That’s the reason why Jesus said in Matthew 28 go and preach the gospel to every nation and teach them to obey.’




Beyond the salvation and redemption work of the blood of Christ, it has also given us a new identity and new roles within the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom of God has already come because of the blood of Christ.


The Power and the Blessings of the Blood

Going beyond our knowledge of the blood of Christ as a ‘mere tool’ in the forgiveness of our sins will enable us to live in the anointing and power of the blood.

‘When you are able to come under the authority of the blood of Jesus, no demon can stand before you. The devil has to flee from your presence. The blood of Jesus will push back every demonic power of darkness! The blood of Jesus will nullify every demonic scheme and assignment of the enemy. The devil has to run away when you apply the blood of Jesus upon your life,’ imparted Rev Jai.


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Rev Jai expressed that the Bible has clearly shown us this in the Exodus. For years, the Israelites had been under the bondage of slavery. In one night, everything changed for them. But first they had to apply the blood of sacrificial lambs on their doorposts. The angel of death roamed the land of Egypt that night but none of the Israelites were touched because they were under the covering of the blood. The next day, their oppressors were so desperate for them to leave that they plied the Israelites with riches just to get them out of Egypt. The Israelites had not just gained their freedom; now they were carrying the riches of their former oppressors with them into their freedom! It was a time for them to move into their Khairos moment.

‘I don’t know how long you have been praying and waiting for an answer. Some of you may be saying you are tired but God is reminding you of what it means to be under the covering of the blood of Christ. Your Khairos moment will come but first you have to abide in God. The blood in the Passover had no power if the Israelites had not followed God’s instructions; it had power only when it was applied on the outer doorposts. The blood in the old covenant is a symbol of the blood of Christ. That door in the Old Testament represents our heart in this new dispensation,’ conveyed Rev Jai.


Reconciled unto a Covenantal God

Above all else, the blood of Christ had transcended the barrier that had existed between Heaven and earth. It brought us back into a complete reconciliation with a covenantal God.


Worship at Destiny C3 Subang


‘Our God is a covenant-keeping and covenant-making God. But that also means He will not work in your life until you make a covenant with Him. You got to make a covenant with Him to see His power manifesting upon your life. You need to do your part and you have got to live a life that is consistent and reflective of what Christ has done for you. You have to reflect a Christ-like character. That is your testimony.   

‘There are millions of people out there who don’t know where to go to be cleansed and forgiven and they live all their life tormented by their conscience of guilt. They don’t know where to go to seek forgiveness for their sins. They are lost!  This is the condition of humanity today. But I am telling you, the moment you surrender your life to God you have made a covenant with Him. Your salvation is a covenant you have made with Him. God is merciful and gracious and slow to anger. You can rededicate yourselves to Him and restore the covenant with God and come under the full protection and blessing of the blood of Jesus once again.



NOTE: This is a summary of the message shared by Rev Jai Kumar recently at the Destiny C3 Church. It has been truncated for conciseness, due to the nature of and for the ease of online readership. All photos of Destiny C3 and Rev Jai kindly provided by Rev Jai and the church. 


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