The Plant@17 BBQ & Soft Launch


On March 12, The Plant@17, a new church congregation started by First Baptist Church (E), held a barbecue as an introduction and soft launch to young adults in the surrounding area. Catered for the urban young adult community, The Plant@17 seeks to meet the spiritual needs of what has become known as the “missing generation” of the church.

Due to the demanding lifestyle that many young adults who are starting out in their careers are forced to lead, church attendance among the 20 to 35-years-olds has dropped drastically in recent years. With this in mind, The Plant@17 is held on Sunday afternoons at 4pm to better suit the targeted demographic.


Photo Credit: The Plant@17
Photo Credit: The Plant@17


The Plant @17 is all about Cultivating A Gospel Centered Community – Because the gospel changes people and transforms community.   The Gospel is the Power of God and that’s why the community should be centered around it. This power is unleashed through gospel centered preaching and living out the message through transformed lifestyles .






“We are a bunch of people who wanted to do something for the urban young community around here and these are the kinds of things we want to do—like this barbecue, have some talks, events…” Ps. Massimo Gei said, before he went on to share about their DNA:

JESUS: is our message

We are a church. We believe in the timeless gospel of salvation and hope in Jesus Christ. The methods may change but our message will always be the same.

PEOPLE: are our heart

We are here to bless people, put out the message of Jesus, and care for people. We believe Jesus loves all people. We strive to reach all who are lost, broken and far away from God, from all backgrounds and walks of life, and to bring them closer to Him by sharing the Gospel of Jesus. Everyone is welcome and can come as they are, to be accepted and loved by our church as God loves and accepts us.

INTERGENERATION: is our commitment

Even though our target group is the urban young adults, we will care for everybody of every age. We are a church for all generations to worship Jesus. We believe in the next generation and value the wisdom and guidance of those before us. We actively invest in raising young leaders to set them up for success in Christ through trust, discipleship and partnership.


Ps. Massimo sharing about The Plant@17


SERVANT LEADERSHIP: is our attitude

We believe that leaders should serve, and we hope to lead by example. We are fervent in serving our Living God with an attitude of humility, grace, love, and patience, as exemplified by Christ, discovering and developing spiritual gifts to build up the body and His ministries—Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.

GENEROSITY: is our privilege

Many of us in this age group are privileged. We recognize all that Christ has so sacrificially and generously given to us and we respond by also being generous—with our giving, time and talents.

PASSION: is our devotion

Whatever we do, we believe in excellence, and we want to do it passionately. If we don’t do things with passion, there’s really no purpose in doing them. As Christ passionately gave His all for us, we are committed towards being passionate in everything that we do, from our praise and worship to ministry works; from our teaching to discipleship and from our caring to sharing. Passion for Christ. Passion for people. Passion for His Church.




Photo Credit: The Plant@17
Photo Credit: The Plant@17


UNITY: is our responsibility

We come together in unity of all age-groups, all races, all nations, all tribes, and all tongues. We believe that God has blessed our church with rich diversity and we are better together – united in the cause of Christ as His Body. As a community, it is our responsibility to come together and be united.

About 110 people showed up for the barbecue, had fun mingling over a delicious dinner, and then stayed behind for games after. Since then, The Plant@17 has had two services to date .




Photo Credit: The Plant@17
Photo Credit: The Plant@17


Beginning April 3rd, The Plant@17 will be starting a sermon series that goes through the book of Colossians called, “Rooted Deep and Standing Tall.”


Photo Credit: The Plant@17
Photo Credit: The Plant@17


Other events/programs include Wednesday nights Bible Study through the book of Romans (from wretchedness to righteousness ), beginning March 23, Saturday nights Christian lifestyle Bible study, a barista workshop, and a career/interview talk by experienced professionals from large corporations.


Photo Credit: The Plant@17


Photo Credit: The Plant@17


Photo Credit: The Plant@17
Photo Credit: The Plant@17


The Plant@17 will be having their official launch at 4pm on April 3rd. For more information, check out their Facebook page at this link: The Plant@17 welcomes private messages through Facebook, and also encourages folks to like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram for updates on events and activities. For any querries you can also call Ps. Massimo : 017-6057744 or email


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