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Brandon Ho

19 August 2019 by Ray Lee –


Since young, Brandon Ho developed a passion for music because of his elder brother who played the guitar. Later, his brother opened a music school and he worked there as a music teacher.

During that period, he witnessed the transformation of one of his students, a rebellious and delinquent teenager who liked to use foul language. A few years later, he became a disciplined and mature young man with refined behaviour. This student shared with Brandon how God’s love had delivered him from all the bad habits and turned him into a better person. That was the first time Brandon heard about Christ and the love of God. The seed of the gospel was planted to him.

Brandon had another student Jack Piong (now a pastor). For one year he gave guitar lessons to the latter. Jack also shared the gospel with Brandon and regularly invited him to perform as a musician in Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship’s evangelistic banquets and conferences. From there Brandon came to learn more about Christ, the heartbeat of God through marketplace Christians. He heard testimonies of how God helped them through a lot of life crises, delivered and healed them from all forms of sickness and infirmities.

One day in a hotel, Jack asked Brandon if he wanted to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. At the invitation, Brandon was suddenly touched by the Holy Spirit and started weeping. He prayed the salvation prayer there and then. The following week, he was baptised with water.


Brandon Ho
Brandon loves music as well as nature.


Brandon had contracted a weird disease in his early twenties during a tour in China. When visiting a temple near the mountain, he answered nature’s call in the bush outside the temple. After relieving himself, he was shocked to see a cemetery next to where he was standing. After coming back from China, he was down with fever for about a week. His tongue and lips area developed blisters. It was so painful that he could not swallow food or drink water. And he could not sleep well at night. He went to a traditional Chinese doctor who prescribed him some herbal tea. However, he continued to feel restless. 

He also consulted other doctors and specialists. He even went for a full body check-up. None of the doctors could detect the cause of his illness. They could only prescribe medication to alleviate his body tiredness and blisters’ pain in his mouth area. Brandon suspected that he might have disturbed the dead spirits during that incident in China.

Almost every 3-4 months without fail for the past 10 years, the illness would strike him. He would be on medication for weeks until the symptoms went away. That affected badly his health as well as his music career.

God is indeed good! When Brandon became a Christian in 2009, he also committed his health condition to God. Within a year, he witnessed that the occurrence of his illness gradually reduced and eventually he was totally healed of the illness. He started attending church with his Christian friends.


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Brandon Ho
Brandon has a passion for music. Eventually he came to Christ through music.


As a musician, Brandon had the desire to play in a music band. Once he prayed for an opportunity to perform in a band on a contract basis. Within a week God answered his prayer. A stranger from Facebook contacted him, asking if he could perform in a music band in Genting Highlands for 1 month from the following week onwards. He and his friend wondered whether it was too good to be true.

Nevertheless, they teamed up to apply for that contract job and both of them were accepted immediately without any audition or interview. Normally in the music industry, one needs to go through an initial audition or interview to be accepted to perform together in a music band. Moreover, his friends’ applications for free-lance or contract jobs for music performance had always been rejected prior to that.

Over the years, Brandon has acquired graphic design skills. He is not only a music educator but also a music book publisher. He owns “Dynamic Publication”, a company specialized in publishing music books for musicians, music schools and the public.

Besides the career paths in music, God also guides Brandon in his love life. While being single in his forties, Brandon prayed for a life partner. During one of the music classes he conducted as a volunteer in Faith Oasis Church, God sent Adeline to learn music from him. She is now his fiancee.


Brandon Ho
Music books published by Brandon’s company.


Early this year, Brandon’s mother called him to inform that his father wanted to receive Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He was very surprised because previously when he shared the gospel with his father, he faced strong rejection. Later, Brandon learnt that his father was sick and had difficulty in breathing. He led his father to pray the salvation prayer and the latter was immediately filled with peace and joy. Mr Ho also requested to be baptised in water as soon as possible.

One week later, Mr Ho was admitted to the hospital for further check-up. Within a week in the hospital, his health condition worsened. He could not speak and was put on oxygen in ICU. Even during such a critical situation, he looked peaceful. One day when Brandon went to the hospital, his father requested for paper and pen. He scribbled a few words. Brandon knew his father was saying that “Jesus is the truth” and he wanted to be baptised, and he is at peace.


Brandon Ho
Brandon’s father wrote the words on a piece of paper in the hospital.


After 2 weeks in the hospital, Mr Ho went back to be with the Lord. A few months later, Brandon’s mother also received Christ as her Lord and Saviour and was baptised, as it was the desire of her late husband.

Brandon has experienced the grace of God to him and his parents. The gospel is definitely music to his ears!

To give back to the Lord, he serves in the worship ministry at Faith Oasis Church in Kelana Jaya and conducts free music classes every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm in the church.


Brandon Ho
Brandon not only plays music for hobby or work but also for worship.


(Photo courtesy of Brandon Ho)


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