Stop Dreaming and Start Doing – Pastor Justin Robinson at OASIS The Peoples Church


‘The Bible says that we are warriors and conquerors in Christ,’ reminded Australian itinerant preacher Pastor Justin Robinson during the “Break Free” meetings on 26 and 27 July. Worship is about expressing all we have. In the book of Joshua, when the army of God shouts, demons start to tremble and walls collapse.


Prayer and worship with Pr Robinson


Pr Robinson’s messages focused on two passages in the Bible:


Pr Justin Robinson


The first passage was in 2 Samuel 23:1-16. David was in the cave of Adullam while a garrison of the Philistines was then in Bethlehem, the place of David’s early home. He thought of the well by the gate of Bethlehem, which had the purest water in the area and from which he probably had often drawn water in his youth. He then expressed his longing desire that someone would give him a drink of the water from there. So three mighty men broke through the host of the Philistines, drew water from the well, and brought it to David. 


David at the Cave of Adullam (Claude Lorrain)


David did not want to take any water, but from where he was from:


  1. He knew his identity. There is a desire to drink from the well where Jesus is. Jesus is known as the fountain of life. We have to become thirsty for the things of God again instead of substituting them with the entertainment.


  1. David knew where he was from. We were born from the spirit of God and in the high place. So we have the authority of God to heal the sick, cast out demons and set captives free.


  1. The servant heart of the people around him. David didn’t command them. As Christians, we are called to serve others around us.


Altar call sessions


The Lord is passionate to see His church rise up and have the passion to fight for the blessing. We can go and get it instead of dreaming. People need deliverance rather than consulting the psychologist. When we are in the place where Jesus is, nothing can touch us. The devil is going to stop attacking Christians because he does not have power, but only the ability to manipulate. We don’t let the enemy back us into a corner. When we know who we are, people around us will also be inspired by our courage.


Pr Robinson praying a breakthrough prayer for attendees


The second passage was in 1 Kings 18:7-30. Elijah met Obadiah and asked him to tell his lord Ahab that he is there. He then asked the people of Israel to decide whether they wanted to follow God or Baal.


Elijah confronting the wicked Ahab and Jezebel


Elijah was an agitator and a trouble maker. If our spiritual life is not stirring fear in the enemy, we are a dead religion. Sometimes in our lives, we have to fight against our own kind. In our Christian life, people on the same side may not believe in us. God wants us to be people of strength. When we stand for God, we are going to be the minority. God is looking for a church of people who have courage.

Radical faith requires radical obedience. We are called to be a holy priesthood and not to have compromise between us and God. If we have hidden sins or double standard, God will not receive it. The tragic that those who know the truth says nothing.


Worship session and group photo with Pr Robinson


Pr Justin concluded his message with the following statement: “Break free is being in liberty in Christ. If God is God, serve Him!”


About Pastor Justin Robinson

Pastor Justin Robinson is from Australia. His Lionheart Ministries serve to be a channel of encouragement and blessing for the body of Christ through powerful teaching and anointed messages that give strength to the church and courage to the weary.


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