What do your social media accounts say about you?

25 Aug 2013-


Is your love for Jesus seen online?

You can tell a lot about someone’s life from their Facebook profile. You can tell what people are thinking about from their twitter feed. You can tell what things people value from what they capture on their instagram account. You can tell a lot about what people think is worth sharing from what they blog.


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In other words, you can tell a lot about someone from their social media. 

What does your social media presence say about you?

  • What’s filling your Facebook wall and your news feed?
  • Who are you following on twitter?
  • What photos do you post?
  • What do you blog about?

The things that fill these different feeds, walls or cyber places, are what we value. They are what we think about and what we spend our time writing about, finding, posting, reposting and sharing. They show where our heart is at. 



As a Christian, we are to be focused on Jesus. Jesus commands us in the gospels to “love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind” (Matthew 22:37Mark 12:30 and Luke 10:27). But does your social media account show that your heart, soul and mind are focused on Jesus? 

Sadly, my newsfeed doesn’t often reflect that my Christian friends have Jesus as their top priority. Instead, my feeds are filled with pictures of the latest fashions, articles about the latest New York trend, linked blogs about fancy, fast and very expensive cars, a photo of a beautiful cup of coffee they’ve just had, or even just those funny cat lolz memes. Don’t hear me wrong – none of the things I’ve just mentioned are bad, evil or even necessarily sinful. But it’s true to say that the things we post most can be a pretty good indication of where our hearts are at.  




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