Singing A Love Song That Never Ends – Wong Wei Jing and Emily Kong

Wong Wei Jing Emily Kong

9 April 2019 by Lim Lee Sah –


One is a church worship leader, the other used to be a worship vocalist. One was the co-founder of a music school, the other entered the entertainment industry as a singer. Wong Wei Jing and Emily Kong had known each other for 16 years and were married 3 years. How did God compose a beautiful song in their lives?

Emily was sick when she was 2 years old. After seeing the doctor and taking medicine, there was no improvement. Her aunt who was a Christian suggested that her mother brought little Emily to church to be prayed for by the pastor. Emily’s mother followed the advice and Emily totally recovered from her sickness. Since then, her mother, her sister and herself joined their father who was already a believer to worship in the church.

As for Wong Wei Jing, growing up in a non-Christian family, he did not believe in God. His parents taught him that one could achieve anything with inflatable hard work. As a result, he owed his good performance in studies and sports to his own effort.

In the primary school, Emily skipped a grade. When she was in Standard 5, her classroom was next to Wei Jing’s. They only knew each other by sight. After they went to different secondary schools, Wei Jing contacted Emily through ICQ. The two started chatting and playing games. Slowly, he noticed that she was not available on Fridays and Saturdays. When he found out that she missed the prime time for gaming because of church going, he was upset.


Wong Wei Jing Emily Kong


When they were in Form 3, Wei Jing was transferred to another school which was near Emily’s. The two had opportunities to meet up and they became closer. Hoping that he would come to the Lord, she invited him to a church camp through a friend. Wei Jing participated. However, he did not enjoy it. He still disliked the church and had no desire to know God.

2 years later, Emily’s mother discovered their relationship. Perceiving Wei Jing as arrogant and hot-tempered, she forbade Emily to see him again on the pretext that he was not a Christian. When Wei Jing learned that, he was very angry and was not willing to go to church for Emily’s sake. The two separated. Emily obeyed her mother and did not contact Wei Jing at all.

After SPM, Wei Jing’s best friend’s father passed away. Through the same friend, Emily once again invited him and the other boy to participate in a church camp. Despite the previous experience, Wei Jing agreed to go as he wanted to accompany the best friend. Although Emily did not attend, Wei Jing enjoyed the camp better. During a testimony sharing session, the pastor encouraged the participants to experience God themselves by praying to Him. Thinking of Emily, Wei Jing prayed in his heart: “Emily and I haven’t contacted for more than half a year. God, If You are real, get our relationship back on track and I will believe in You.”


Wong Wei Jing Emily Kong


Upon arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Wei Jing received an SMS from Emily asking about the camp.

“For the first time I really felt that, wow, God is so real! I had needed to pray for nothing except for this relationship. I couldn’t get Emily back no matter how much effort I put in, since her parents objected.”

He began to go to church and small group meetings, initially still with a skeptical attitude. The Word of God kept challenging his mind. Half a year later at Easter, he and his best friend finally responded to an altar call. Another half a year later, Wei Jing experienced the mighty power of God when he was filled with the Holy Spirit. Since, he whole-heartedly believed in God.


Wong Wei Jing Emily Kong


He began to serve actively in the church and became a small group leader and worship leader in 2 years. However, Emily’s mother’s did not change her negative opinion of him. Even though Wei Jing and Emily belonged to the same small group and were dating again, Wei Jing’s name was not allowed to be mentioned in Kong family. Nevertheless, their pastor encouraged the couple to continue to pray for their parents’ blessing.

God not only changed Wei Jing, but also reached out to his family. His parents initially were furious that he went to church. One day, they found out that his younger brother had been playing truant for half a year. After failing numerous attempts to persuade their son to go back to school, Wei Jing’s mother finally suggested that he brought his brother to church. The teenager not only quit smoking, his school results also improved tremendously. Wei Jing said to the mother while showing the sibling’s school report card, “You have to believe this is God who has worked in him! ” Later, his whole family believed in the Lord Jesus.

Furthermore, God turned the Wong’s crisis into another blessing. Emily’s mother had a friend whose son neglected his studies. She asked the small group for a similar testimony and learned about how God had transformed Wei Jing’s brother. Through Emily, she invited Wei Jing’s brother to share his story in front of her friend. Wei Jing came along. Emily’s mother subsequently saw him in a new light. Later when Wei Jing was leading the worship on the stage at a church camp, Emily’s mother suddenly pointed to him and told her neighbour: “That is my daughter’s boyfriend.” Then she asked Emily to invite Wei Jing to join them for lunch. Hence, she officially approved the couple’s relationship!


Wong Wei Jing Emily Kong


Emily finished her ACCA studies at the age of 21, and could have become an accountant. The music producer Jovi Theng picked her and 3 other members out from the church worship team and planned to form a gospel band. Emily was not sure if she should join the entertainment industry. While praying at a special church meeting, she saw a vision. She was riding on a white horse in the desert. God said to her, “There is no need for you to leave your footprints here. Just ride on me, and I will be with you for every step. All the footprints on the ground will be Jesus’ footprints.”

As someone who often could not decide what to order in a restaurant or which movie to watch at the cinema, she made up her mind about this matter without hesitation.

“God gave me this vision. I am going to fulfill it!” Emily told Wei Jing.

FGA CYC had received a prophecy to be involved in the media. After much prayer for confirmation, the church started a media ministry. Emily belonged to the first batch of Christians who stepped into the entertainment industry with the God-given vision. Besides singing, she also had acting talent. She strived for her goals while relying on God to open doors for her. She treated people with sincerity. Having a burden for the pre-believing artistes, she looked for opportunities to share the gospel with them.

Wei Jing studied 2 years in the bible seminary after graduating from the university with a double degree in accounting and finance. He intended to serve full-time in the church. Under the pastor’s guidance, he reached out to people for Christ in the marketplace.


Wong Wei Jing Emily Kong


The couple tied the knot in November 2015. Wei Jing focused on the worship ministry and began to shepherd small groups at satellite churches. Emily continued to let Jesus lead her footsteps in the entertainment industry. She acted in local dramas and movies. She also played a leading role in a Taiwanese movie and sang the soundtrack. She just recorded a single and was scheduled to fly to China on 9 March to participate in a TV programme recording. As Emily would be away for more than one month, the couple cherished their time together. On the day of her departure, Emily met with a car accident on her way home. Wei Jing’s whole world collapsed when he saw her body in the hospital mortuary.

“Those were the most out-of-control moments in my life. I was crying, shouting, yelling at myself, swearing at others and hurting myself. It was not enough for me to fully express my feelings. I even wanted to end my life. Suddenly God gave me great peace in my heart. Not words, not the power of anything else.”

4 hours after he lost his mind, the Holy Spirit reminded him the story in the Bible—David and Bathsheba’s first son was seriously ill. Despite David’s fasting, crying and begging, the child died seven days later. Knowing that the son would not return to him, he got up from the ground, got changed, worshipped the Lord and broke fast.

Like David, Wei Jing knew that it was time to calm down and take up his responsibility to start preparing for his beloved wife’s funeral.

Later he found the verse in Philippians 4:7 “and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”that described his experience.


Wong Wei Jing Emily Kong


The third day after Emily’s passing, as soon as Wei Jing woke up, he felt that God wanted him to go to the park near their house. He walked and sat there. Then God showed him a scene. When he had first became a believer, he once went there with Emily. While they were sitting on a swing, He suddenly saw a vision. In the vision Jesus was with a little girl who wanted to play with a toy with a lot of thorns. Jesus kept saying no, because that toy would hurt her. But the little girl cried and insisted. Jesus told her to wait, and removed all the thorns from the toy. Wei Jing interpreted the vision himself – the toy was him. He used to have a lot of thorns, but Emily did not give up on him. God changed him for her sake and then gave him back to her. As Emily listened, she wept. She told Wei Jing that she had been troubled by his unbelief, but continued to pray and declare that he would become a person who loved God. Wei Jing realized that Emily had fervently prayed for him.

“God gave me the understanding that He loved Emily a thousand times more than I did. He told me, ‘Rest reassured that I’ve protected her!'”

“Protected her from what?” Wei Jing was puzzled.

He got the answer that evening. The pastors who were closest to him had gone to Israel when Emily died. They recorded a video to be played during the wake service. The pastor and his wife had prayed separately and received the same revelation that God knew Emily might lose her love for Him once she went to China. To protect her from being strayed, He took her away at the most splendid and beautiful time of her life.

God also gave Wei Jing a bible verse “What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them goes astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine and go to the mountains to seek the one that is straying? (Matthew 18:12). God reminded him that when the shepherd went to get the sheep back, he would use the staff to break its legs to keep it with him. It was a protection. The way God protects is something that people may not think of or accept.

A few days later, when Wei Jing was driving, God told him that Emily was like Samson—he died when he was strongest, most pleasing to God. That day, one of the pastors who had just returned from Israel paid a visit to him. After the two men cried together, they sat down and chatted. The pastor also mentioned that Emily was like Samson who went back gloriously to be with the Lord.

God also answered Wei Jing’s prayer to confirm that Emily’s soul had been saved. Several people who did not know one another told him the same dream, reassuring him that she was in a better place now .


Wong Wei Jing Emily Kong


“This is me as a weak human, a lot of fighting, it consumes my energy, my faith, I know I cannot do this alone, friends and family are good companion but after all, no one can get into human heart so deep to heal it except for the creator who made and understand my heart.

“After all the thoughts, every time I feel grateful to have God in my life, the words He tells is not some words from random people, but powerful enough to make me strong again, and I believe in every of His words, because the world will end one day but those who believe in His words lasts forever.

“Truth prevails, truth sets us free. ‘And the world passes away and disappears, and with it the forbidden cravings (the passionate desires, the lust) of it; but he who does the will of God and carries out His purposes in his life abides (remains) forever. ‘(1 John 2:17 AMPC)”

His sharing on social media encouraged many people. Some netizens were moved and took the initiative to go to church, wanting to know God better.

Because of a sickness, Emily got to know Jesus; Because of a car accident, she was back to Jesus. She has finished her race with the God-given vision. Being her husband, Wei Jing will continue to lead the church media team as his own mission. They always sang love to each other because they had been singing love to God. The two are temporarily separated while continuing to worship and praise God in different places, looking forward to meeting again for eternity.


Wong Wei Jing Emily Kong



Note: Below is a video of Wei Jing and Emily during their blissful moments on earth.

The Chinese version of this testimony is available at属于黄湋津和江倩龄的歌/

(photo courtesy of Wong Wei Jing)


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