Shining As A Light In Hollywood Part 2

Continuing from our earlier interview with David; we asked him about other challenges and dangers that he faces besides the allure of Hollywood lifestyle.

I’ve always heard that the Hollywood industry has caused many Christian’s to fall away. How true is this?   

“Well, when you go to into this industry, it’s easier to backslide. It’s hard to find time for God in this industry. Cause this industry doesn’t really sleep. We don’t have Christmas breaks nor Chinese New year breaks. We don’t have any type of breaks. That’s why you see a lot of my friends here get depression, and they either leave the country or commit suicide. Some in desperation cut their bodies with sharp objects.  You see very young ones just end their lives. I have a friend from India who jumped off a tall building and he is like 29. We went to school together. Apparently, his boss was feeding him with too much drugs coupled with peer pressure and he just couldn’t take it mentally. He jumped off a 12 story building and killed himself. Another friend drown herself in the Boston Charles River because she too can’t take the pressure. All these are happening not because the industry is dark, all industries are dark but you have to find your purpose. Know your purpose and don’t get swayed easily. Many young Christians who join this industry are not strong spiritually, they are no difference from the non-Christian. They are just individuals who call themselves Christians with no conviction. There are so many out here. There are many other religions vying for our attention. Out here in LA there is even a Scientology church started by Tom Cruise,” he quipped.

So there really are some truth in the above statement. But how do you resist all these allures to withstand all the pressures Hollywood presents?

“Well there are times where I dislike working for some really tough people, but I stick with it throughout, always asking God if it was meant for me to be, I will work through it all the way. For example once I was working for One Republic and One Direction both at the same time. I was actually doing a song for One Direction and at the same time building a studio for the other – everything in one day. From 8am to 2pm I would be traveling to a lot of home depo to buy materials to ‘build a house’ from a scratch plan. I have to carrying a bunch of wood and to do painting. I like music. I’m a musician but what am I am doing. And I will be asking God about this? Then, He would impress on me, ‘JUST BE FAITHFUL IN THE SMALL THINGS’. At the end of the day it’s this relationship with God that matters and when success comes you be definite it’s with God’s help – I was faithful. My first year was like this and the hardest year of my life. My parents came to visit me and I could only like have two dinners with them. I didn’t have time to see them all the time. You have to make a choice and to stand your ground both spiritually and mentally. You got to have a faith that is more than something that your parents ask you to do. It’s something you have to believe and discover yourself. It’s understanding, believing and experiencing it,”

Beside these other religions, are there many churches there in Hollywood? How would you know which church is suitable?

“Plenty. Out of the many churches here, such as Rick Warren’s church, Hillsongs etc. In the end it’s your relationship with God and not how big the church you attended counts. Cause there are a lot of famous actors and actresses who go to mega churches. A lot of people go for that reason for the hype and glory to be attending the same church with that so and so famous person. For example, I bumped into Justin Bieber, er… like 4 times in 2 years at 4 different churches out here. It shows that there are many mega churches here and some are be too big at times that you can’t really have a personal relationship or have friends and help the congregation there many great mentors to get help from every Sunday. There are many non-Christian friends who come to church with me, but they don’t feel belong because there are too many people; it’s like the Grammy awards every Sunday. Most of times they’re like an in and out kind of situation. I’m generalizing yes, but really most of the big mega churches rarely have non-Christians in them. I also think most of them have more lukewarm Christians than “real” Christians in them. The proof is, I know many Christians that go to church but don’t go to church now. Sometimes they are super gung-ho for Christ and then they suddenly get burned out. This is probably due to them being attracted to all the cultural things in a church as supposed to seeing how a church is being run. Whether it is for hype, or spiritual growth,”

So in your opinion what kind of church is the best kind of church?

For me the best churches are the churches where I can bring my non-Christian friends to where they sit out on a chair after service to be ministered to and to have fellowship with all the other members there and being ministered by them; a community of church goers that not just inspired them but a space where I can grow with other believers.

Watch Out For The Part Three, The Final Chapter On David’s Hollywood Mission!



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