SEMOA Charity Concert

By Natasha Kim , CM reporter – 

In order that one day, the Orang Asli shall be labeled as “Primitive” or “Backward” no more.

SEMOA (Strategic Education Methods & Ongoing Advancement), held a one day charity concert on the 26th of August 2012 at Grace Convention Centre, Petaling Jaya. It was an event to remember as many different people from different walks of life came to perform for the charity concert while hundreds came to watch and donate to charity.

This concert was conceived in aid of SEMOA’s Orang Asli Education Centre with the help of many different individuals that share the same passion, and that is to gain funds to educate the Orang Asli. At the entrance of the concert hall, a booth was placed in order to sell and promote handmade Orang Asli items from baskets to accessories and many more.

The charity concert featured various performances by many different groups of people, including WOW –Wind of Worship (Indigenous Band), Orang Asli Childrens Choir, Orang Asli Dance Troupe, Norita Uluk, Meisya, the Malaysia Cultural Dance Performers, Level 7 Band, Clavier Academy Ballet Dancers, Shawn Lee (Best Beat Box Performace), African Voices (Choir), Metro Tab Band, and last but not least performances by Smart Music, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, & Keyboard Recital. The special guest featured Ms. Chloe Chen of Miss Malaysia/ World 2011.

SEMOA is a non-profit organization that was founded in the year 2010 by two individuals namely, Mr. Cheah Kim Hock as well as Mr. Rajendran A/L Velu. According to the founders, “The aim of SEMOA is to help our fellow citizens of Malaysia, especially the first people of this land, the Orang Asli, so that they will be able to stand as well amongst others with pride and dignity.” What SEMOA does is they search far and wide for these Orang Asli Communities that may be situated in many different rural areas and they try to reach out to them and educate them. Their ultimate goal here is to improve the livelihood of the Orang Asli children through the Orang Asli Education Centre (OAEC). Their charity works include the distribution of rice and clothing, the building of houses, medical check-ups, free basic education, mini libraries, food bank for the poor, hostels for school-going children, distribution of vitamins and supplements, financial assistance for the very poor to name a few. The charitable works of SEMOA being an NGO, are supported by donations from various individuals, for without them they would never have been able to get this far and change the lives of so many Orang Asli’s.

After the finale performance, the charity event concert ended with a closing prayer. Initiatives to help turned out well and many Orang Asli children including their families who came left with a sense of happiness. They were able to come over and take part, raise funds for their cause and in return make others happy as well as from the performances they have given them.

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