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“Malaysia, you are in the season of the favor of God. You have moved many steps forward, the Lord is with you,” said Ps Dr David Demian to the church. From December 12-15, 2013, Sarawak natives and their Christian brothers and sisters gathered to celebrate the annual Gempuru Besai at the Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching.

He was speaking from Numbers 13 where the Israelites could not possess the Promised Land. God has to go before them. “And that’s what Joshua and Caleb said, ‘the covering has departed,’” he said. The covering has departed; the Lord removed the covering.


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Ps Dr David Demian


The pastor explained this using a war strategy. When the ground troops go in to war, there has to be a covering of the air forces. The planes cover the ground troops. In any war strategy, when the air forces are not there, the ground troops are naked and uncovered. Joshua and Caleb said, ‘the covering has departed; God has given us the land. Let us go and possess it!’ But, the other ten spies said ‘we cannot do that.’ “That was the point when the Lord became angry with Israel,” said Ps Demian.

“I want to tell you, Malaysia, you are in the season of the favor of God!” he said, adding, “The Lord is with you but He couldn’t give you all the land because you would not have known what to do with it!”

“But I know, as someone who’s visited Malaysia in the last few years, today you are different than last year and last year you were different than the year before!” he voiced. “Even among the native peoples, I see a lot of breakthroughs and even among the Orang Asli,” he said.




“But because of your spiritual authority, the Lord has to prepare you,” he said. What is your spiritual authority? “Native people are the gatekeepers,” he explained. An owner of a house is the gatekeeper. When a guest comes, you need to welcome them. When a guest you don’t want comes, you don’t welcome them. “It has nothing to do with ‘I’m a good person or a bad person,’” he explained. “It has to do with ‘I am the gatekeeper.’” This is the house that I live in; this is the land that I possess.

“In the spiritual realm, it is the same thing,” he said. “You are the gatekeepers. You can let what the Lord wants to do and welcome it; and when the enemy comes you can say no authority can come into this land. “And that’s why the Lord is looking to the native people at this hour,” he said. “He’s saying, ‘I’m in need of you, I want to dedicate this land to the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Whatever you opened in the spirit will be opened and whatever you closed in the spirit will be closed,” he said. Some of you might say ‘what power do I have?’ That’s exactly what the 10 spies said when they looked at the giants and said, ‘we look like grasshoppers.’ “But look at Caleb and Joshua, they looked at the same people with the Word of God and said, ‘they are our food!’” he told. Why? Because they had a different spirit!


joshua caleb


“That’s what Jesus said, ‘the spirit of the Lord upon me; He has anointed me.’ The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is the same spirit inside of you and me!” he said, adding “The Lord is saying to you, He’s bringing us into one, He’s raising us up as people who sees with spiritual eyes!”

“I want to say to you tonight, the Lord has given you the spiritual authority over the land!” he called out repeatedly. “I’m not talking about the natural or physical but I’m talking about a higher level,” he continued. “When you stand in that place, as gatekeepers in the spirit realm, and as we become surrendered with faith in our Lord Jesus Christ something happens in the spirit realm – the natural will follow. Righteousness will prevail in the land, the faith will rise up in the land because we are the gatekeepers,” he said.

As the native peoples rise up and take their place; they begin to stretch their arms to all the people groups the Lord has brought in the land. “Because the destiny of Malaysia is not about Malaysia alone; you are called for the nations, you are going to be a major link to the rest of Asia,” he said. “Because the destiny of Malaysia is not about Malaysia alone, that’s why the Lord blesses this land by bringing in the Chinese, Indians and all the other people groups,” he added saying “because your destiny is not only for the land but for the nations.”




“Native people, the Lord is shifting, taking you to another step. Last step, you stood on the land with Moses. He struck the land with his stick and the water split. “But you stood on solid ground, you saw God,” he said. “The next step, you’re standing with Joshua and about to cross. This time the Lord is saying, ‘touch the water and believe that it will be dry land.’”

“This time the Lord will not split the water until you step out of the boat and touch the water. The Lord wants you to have that step of faith. When the bottom of your foot touches the water, it split. Imagine the water becoming a wall; many miracles happened at the same time.

“God wants to give you spiritual eyes; God wants to take you to another level. The fear and intimidation, the way you see yourself; today with a prophetic act you blow the shofars and the trumpets, and you smash the walls. Can the Lord do it with you tonight? You are not a grasshopper; you are called by God for such a time as this!” he said.




“The Lord wants to show you, not by might, nor by power but it is by my spirit. The Lord gave me this Word to tell you, ‘it’s time. He wants to give you spiritual eyes to see all that God has promised you,’” he said. In the beginning, He saw the first people, the natives. He saw what the enemy has done and He said no more! The enemy will not have the final word!

“God said, ‘it is my will that will be done among the native people and not what the enemy has done. The one will become a thousand and two will become ten thousand. And the weak shall say I am strong! The Lord is calling you!” he said.

The glory of the later house will be greater than the glory of the former house. The book of Acts was the beginning of the church and was never intended to be the end of the church. We are living in a divine time. The Lord wants Malaysia to fulfill its destiny; and the Lord wants the native people of Malaysia to take its place.


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Ps Greman Ujang Slat and Ps Ps Dr David Demian at the 16th Gempuru Besai.


“The Lord is saying to you, ‘I want to give you spiritual eyes so you can see the promises I’m about to give to you so you can rise up and possess your spiritual inheritance. I believe this gathering is very critical in the spirit realm because when your faith rise up as one, you are going to open wide the gates and stretch out to the other peoples of Malaysia.

“The spiritual eyes will create in you a different spirit and you will begin to possess your inheritance. The spiritual eyes will take you into a new level of authority. It is not going to be an easy road because with spiritual eyes we see the impossible but you know you are following the God of the impossible!” he closed.

Later, Ps Demian called the pastors and leaders for prayer in one of the largest gathering of church representatives in the city. Ps Dr David Demian is the director of Watchmen for the Nations, Canada.



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