RunNat Dedication Day

Pastor Khoo performing the welcoming prayer before the start of the event

24th Sept. 2012  by Natasha Kim  ,  CM –

RunNat Dedication Day is a special day that took place on the 22nd of September at Luther Centre and was brought together by Founder and Chairman Victor Chua, the Organizing Chairman Thomas Joseph, and the rest of the RunNat team! It was a day where all runners that are taking part in RunNat were invited to come together as one body of Christ and to dedicate RunNat Day unto God’s hands. The day started off with a blast as many that were taking part started strolling in, slowly filling up the entrance of Luther Centre to collect their T-shirts for the run.

Pastor Khoo performing the welcoming prayer before the start of the event
Pastor Leroy performing the praise and worship

The ceremony started off with an opening Prayer by Pastor Khoo from Full Gospel Assembly Kuala Lumpur. Pastor performed a short prayer for the runners taking part and for all those who have taken the initiative to take part in the event, that God may prepare their hearts from now until that day, that God may protect them, and that the Holy Spirit may guide them throughout. Right after that, the praise and worship kicked off with a performance by Pastor Leroy who immediately livened up the crowd of people. Victor Chua then welcomed the crowd by giving a speech saying, “We need to align ourselves with the Spirit of God so that when we run on RunNat day we are all united as one body and one purpose.” He shared his One slide with One Word and that is to Persevere! He says, “If you’ve been following what’s been going on in our country over the past six months, you will know that there is a prayer movement that’s sweeping through this land.” He shared that, “We all need to persevere in praying, and not just for five minutes, we need to pray relentlessly.” In his speech, he also urges everyone who feels within their hearts that God wants them to go beyond the 5km to do so, that one should make the commitment to God and do that if they would like to persevere beyond the 5km run.

Founder and Chairman of RunNat Victor Chua giving his speech to the runners 

During the ceremony there was also a prayer video by Pastor Andi Chi and of course a briefing about the new Sponsor Our Run Campaign (SOR) campaign that RunNat will be incorporating this year.  Daniel Lee,  RunNat’s Missions Coordinator is in charge of leading the SOR campaign said that, “The SOR campaign is a tool to raise up funds for the poor. Look at the 35 families we have at our beneficiaries list in your profile. All of them have needs that are very basic and you can look at their needs. You don’t need to be a mighty preacher or a mighty Pastor to make a change because simply through this prayer run we can be the answer to prayers.” They then proceeded to commit a time for prayer to pray for the existing families that they want to help.

Daniel (RunNats Mission Coordinator) talking about the Sponsor Our Run (SOR) campaign

Followed was a Tech Brief given by the Organizing Chairman, Thomas Joseph. During this time he showed a hilarious video clip of Mr. Bean running a race, stating that this is exactly what we should not do at the run! And that is, to cheat, hitch a ride on a car, or step on someone’s feet to win the race, because it is not about the run, the focus is on prayer. Importantly he also talked about how the whole run will work and a few guidelines for all runners involved e.g. what to do in case of emergencies, the meeting points, what lead runners should do and etc.

Tech Brief by Organizing Chairman Thomas Joseph

The event was then followed by the reading of the Pledge led by Keney Martin, Ex National Athlete and Sea Games Gold Medalist. This was then followed by a corporate prayer and dedication by the Chairman Victor Chua. With that the event then ended with a briefing by the appointed AG Heads and Team Leaders of the run before closing off with worship and prayer.

The groups, families and individuals that are part of the SOR campaign
Runners having group discussions in their own separate teams

RunNat will be officially taking place on October the 6th and for those who would like to sign up, it’s still not too late! As the registration will only be closed a few days before the run.


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