Report of Mission Trip to Nepal by One Voice Ministries: 4th-9th July 2017

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Our mission trip to Nepal was from the 4th – 9th July 2017. Yet the journey to get to this day started more than one and half years ago. Allow me to shed some light on this, to help you understand the joy that was in our hearts as we got ready to step into this nation.

One and half years ago, during our ministry intercessory time, God spoke prophetically to us and said that we are to pray for the nation of Nepal and get ready to step into it for His greater glory. We were truly excited and we continued to persevere in pray and waiting excitedly for this prophetic word to become a reality. We did not know anyone personally there, so it was not like things would happen immediately.

After 18 months had passed of praying and covering this beautiful nation and researching about it, we received our breakthrough in February this year. Thanks to some pastors who visited our home church in KL, we made some connections with some missionaries in Nepal, namely Gopi and Marites Kumar and that started the journey to reality. Kathmandu is a beautiful place with hills surrounding us that is truly breath taking.



The programs were planned, the people gathered and God’s Spirit began to move. We had 3 full days of training and equipping pastors who travelled from near and far to come and learn on how to grow their ministry and churches. It was such a blessed time, because we could all connect so easily. Everything that happened throughout the entire week was God ordained. The program that we conducted was entitled THE MINISTRY TOOLBOX and there were 12 topics that we covered in depth.



Besides the training, every evening we got to minister in different churches located in different village namely Chovar, Pashupati, Bhaktapur and Dahachok. The people there were very receptive and God’s spirit of healing and prophecy began to flow so freely and many were touched including ourselves.



We were also able to visit the ruins of the 2015 earthquake in two different places and it was sad to see that many of the places have not yet been rebuilt and some are still living in the temporary shelter after two years.

An eye opening experience that we had was visiting a place where the Newari people stay. We got to meet the people and walk around and see the unique architecture that dates back to the 1769. Their doors are very small and one has to bend down to enter the house and the windows have magnificent designs on it. Hinduism and Buddhiism is practiced by most people with a lot of Newari culture and beliefs. They also have their own unique clothing, food and language. With a population of 1 million, Christianity stands at only 0.9% among the Newari. This is an unreached people group whom we need to pray for that more will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.



We thank and praise God for this open door to Nepal and we trust that it is the start of many more trips to build and equip the people for ministry. Let us pray for more people in this beautiful nation of Nepal, will turn to Christ.


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