Reaching to the World – Part 2

27 May 2013  by Donna Uning CM –


In the last interview, Malaysian Rev Dr Alfred Ee talks about his move to Taiwan, after travelling all around the world through the healing ministry and with World Missions Outreach. After 30 years in ministry, Dr Ee continues to share the Word of God back in Malaysia. 


Tell us about World Missions Outreach.

Dr Ee: We are now concentrating on the Philippines, more on a spiritual emphasis. My job is to encourage and support them. In Dumalagan, we have 30 students in the high school and elementary school. We also raise funds to start Christian schools.


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We also conduct teachings to about 2000 at a pastors’ seminar in Burma. I give them my books, feed them and different pastors teach for about four to five days. Pastors there are not paid, so people work together giving rice, potatoes and vegetables for those days.

My books are translated in Burmese and I give them out for free. The books are now in translated in the Indian language. We help start churches in India with other missions. I have preached in Holland, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, and Switzerland; Jesus said go to the world.


Tell us more about your books.

Dr Ee: My books are made out of all my messages I preached along the way. My wife is the writer. I live by faith when I started as a young man. I needed money to survive so I asked the Lord. People are asking for my messages and that time was hard. So I take the notes, put them together, including some published pamphlets and compiled them. My first book is, “How to receive your Healing.”

My wife is the writer, she did editorial work before and she compiled all my messages. Dr Chew Weng Chee from SIB Church, PJ forwarded my book “Victorious Christian Living”.  It’s God that does it, I cannot promote myself.


What are your messages in the book?

It covers principles to a life of victory under the anointing of God, through years of ministry and how to think like God. It’s nothing complicated, but practical related to our daily living, all based on scripture. The battle is in the mind. We must think like God thinks. There are nine gifts that affect our lives. The first three gifts cover the use of speaking, the next three is thinking and the last three is doing; spirit, soul and mind.

The Book of Romans says,

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” 

Romans 12: 2

There are different levels of our closeness to God. In the beginning, we see God is like a mountain we see from afar. As we go closer, we can see the goodness and bigness of God. It’s not that God is far, we are far. At the breast of Jesus, we could hear Him clearer, bigger and see a better vision.

Vision gives us power for today. It helps us to focus, give us hope. The vision encourages you and gives you faith to persevere and fight till we win. People parish because of their lack of knowledge. Dreams and visions are the languages of the Holy Spirit.

“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”

Joel 2:28

When we got God’s vision, we get excited, so we have hope.

In Acts 23:11, the Lord tells Paul to take courage. We must trust God. He will encourage us. By understanding these things, we will endure to the end.

You were on Spain TV, broadcasted to some hundreds of thousands viewers. Tell us more.

Dr Ee: I was in Victoria, Spain for a meeting but it was cancelled. Rhema, a Christian organization in Spain wanted to broadcast my preaching. The director, Miguel, called me and took me to Madrid. God uses circumstances like this, like a cancellation of a meeting to open doors.


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Your book has blessed you well.

The senior pastor of Bethany Church, Medan, Ps Johan Bambang called me to preach because he read my book, How to receive your Healing. I asked, ‘how big is your church?’ He said 18 000 members. What?! They paid for my airfare and asked me to come back. God open doors, they read my books. God used the book to open doors for me. If God has called you, the impossible becomes possible.


How often do you come back to Malaysia?

Dr Ee: I have prayer meeting after meeting until I cannot walk the next day. There are seasons. Now I teach in a bible school in Taiwan, sharing and encouraging the younger ones to go.


Your wife, Rev Sandra Ee is also a pastor.

Dr. Ee: My wife puts my books together. She is in the prophetic and inner healing ministry. She ministers to women. We have been married for about 20 years.


You have been such an inspiration. Thank you so much for the interview!

After the interview, Dr Ee shares his love for cycling, swimming and camping with his family. “My wife and sons bought me a treadmill for my birthday.” He also talks about spacing his time and spending time with his sons. “God has been good to me. I’m blessed.”

Rev Dr Alfred Ee and Rev Sandra Ee are founders and directors of World Missions Outreach. World Missions Outreach is an apostolic missions and evangelistic ministry reaching the nations of the world ministering in including Burma, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Burkina Faso, China, Australia, New Zealand, France and Portugal. Dr Ee and his family currently live in Taiwan.


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  1. Many preachers are going round the world but moving around the christians and the churches, not the unreached. Even some claim they are Apostles and prophets but  fear to lay down life in reaching out to the Muslims! Anyway Christianity is a big business today.


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