Reaching the World – Part 1

25 May 2013  by Donna Uning CM –


As a founder of World Missions Outreach, Rev Dr Alfred Ee had preached in many countries from Burma to Spain. After visiting Taiwan many times over the years, he decided to move there.


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That was 16 years ago. With 30 years of ministry, Dr Ee serves as a pastor, lecturer, author and missionary evangelist. He is currently living in Taipei, Taiwan with his wife Sandra and sons, David and Joshua.

Rev Ee started as a pastor with Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching and left to do missionary work with World Missions Outreach. He was in Kuching recently and we sat down for an interview over smoothies and cake before his next meeting.


You’re now living in Taiwan with your wife and two sons. Tell me about this.

Dr Ee: When I first got to Taiwan, there were four churches then. There were temples in every corner and a strong Buddhist following. But in the last ten years, Christianity has spread. There are about 40 churches, more Presbyterian churches with the largest in South of Taiwan.


How did it all started in Taiwan?

Dr Ee: They used to fly me in for Tainan Galilee Prayer Mountain convention. All denominations, about 1500 people, go there for New Year’s, and they bring a lot of speakers. People get filled and now they are very charismatic. The pastors are very educated; in the past 10 -15 years, they are open to the Holy Spirit. There are so many churches and not enough pastors.


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I minister throughout the south. They first tested me because I was in the healing ministry. When miracles started happening, people started to come in by the hundreds. If I say long prayers for each person, I’d be there till morning.

I don’t speak Mandarin. It’s God who makes things happen. To stay in a nation for a long period of time, you must speak the language. You have to pay for interpreters there; it’s a different culture than here.


Tell us about your walk with the Lord.

Dr Ee: I was a C & E Christian – a Christmas and Easter Christian. I started reading the Scripture for myself and couldn’t put it down. People used to call me ‘Mr. Chendol’ (due sinus problem) then and the doctor said I had no hope. Through reading the Word of God, “Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever,” which says His plans doesn’t change, I believe. Scholars say those things don’t happen. I believed the Word and for the first time, it stopped! I thought maybe it was too good to be true but my sinus was gone until today. I was slain by myself in the room for five hours.

I asked Dr Peter Tong, founder of FGB what it was – is this fake? Hypnosis? I was a pastor with EBC at that time; when I started praying, people started falling down. Sicknesses were gone. I studied the Scripture; glory in Greek and Hebrew means splendor, majesty and grace. When the spirit of God comes, we feel the weight, (that’s why) people fall down when sitting.

“What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him.” John 2:11


God always comes to us in hopeless situations and He manifests His glory. It was just a beginning.

End of part 1: In the second part of the interview, Dr Ee talks about his ministry with World Missions Outreach and his books. Some of Dr Ee’s books are How Faith Cometh, How To Receive Your Healing, Victorious  Christian Living, How to be Healed of a Wounded Heart, Spiritual Warfare, The Covenant of Healing, and many more.


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  1. I would love to be a Missionary worker there some day. I want to increase the Kingdom of God there in Taiwan through soul winning.


    St Petra

    • Hi Emma,

      Thank you for letting us know, though we believe that he was based in Taiwan, when we interviewed him. God must be doing mighty works in his life! If he likes, he can always send us a story of what God has been doing in his life for the past three years. God Bless you. 🙂

      Thank you,

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