Prophetic Promises of God

1st Nov 2012. By Mindy Oon.  CM  –

On the 24th to 26th October, 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, a conference on “Faces Without Races” was held. As a country with many races, sometimes it is hard to see pass the color of a person’s skin. However in the Bible, we have been called to love one another, and put aside bias and prejudice. About 700 faithful people turned out for the second night of the conference despite heavy a downpour to listen to what God has revealed to prophet Dr. Jonathan David from Muar, Johor, about the nation from Acts Chapter 7.


According to Dr. Jonathan David, there will be an acceleration of the prophetic promises of God in this nation (Acts 7:17- The time of the promise drew near…). Many prophecies that have been spoken over this country will very soon become a reality. There will be no more delay nor hesitation as a blessed nation is coming from above. 2013 will be a year where we will accelerate forward together as a nation.

And there will be an increase of God’s people and the influence of God’s people will be restored (Acts 7:17 – The people grew and multiplied in Egypt…). As we take a stand in righteousness as pointed out in the Bible, the Body of Christ will grow and flourish. People of God will impact the nation. There will be tremendous growth in church, as God is extending His Kingdom. The church will no longer be thinking inward, but outward, and go beyond the church walls. God’s people will have a new found confidence, and the Spirit of God is upon His people to take the nation forward.

Thus as a church we need to come to a realization that God’s promises are true, and He has a divine plan and destiny for our nation. Even as 2012 draws to a close, we need to be ready now more than ever, to step into God’s promises for our lives.


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