Prophecy for the Nation

Pastor G.T. Lim (left) from Blessed Church and Pastor Thomas Cherian.

Friday, October 6. – Blessed Church organized “Prophecy for Malaysia” conference with Pastor Thomas Cherian, Pastor Paul Ang and his wife Pastor Christina Ang here in Kuching on Thursday until Sunday.

Pastor Cherian, who was here for a day, came and prophesied about Kuching. He talked about how God is going to perform transformation to the church and send a revival to the city.

Pastor Cherian then asked the congregation the questions from Psalm 42:3 & 10, “Where is your God?” “Your enemies may taunt you, saying, ‘Where is the God of yours?’”

The answer to the question in Psalm 42:3 & 10, said Pastor Cherian, can be found in Isaiah 30:20, “Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers will be hidden no more; with your own eyes you will see them.” (NIV)

Pastor G.T. Lim (left) from Blessed Church and Pastor Thomas Cherian.

He spoke on breakthrough and God will still be with you to teach you. “Jesus just releases that one word, on the spot, and miracles will happen,” he said. Pastor Cherian, from India, preached with his translator (in English) and Pastor G.T. Lim (in Chinese) from Blessed Church.

Pastor Paul Ang, on Thursday, touched on prophetic gifts. “God imparted something in your life,” he said. He said that we have gifts, ministry or calling that has been dormant, but “will come to pass”. Giving an example from 1 Kings 19 to 2 Kings 3:11, he mentioned the story about Elisha, waiting over ten years for his ministry to come to pass.

“God ask you to be faithful in the little things,” he said. He focused on being faithful in where you are and God will activate your gifts.

He also touched on the importance of submission and the three reasons behind this. “You have safety and protection, authority and anointing of the person above you, and shows you have great faith,” he said, giving examples from his own experiences in ministry.

The church saw about 800 members and visitors at the conference the first night. Pastor Cherian prophesied to several people on his visit Friday night.

Pastor Thomas Cherian, from India, ministers around the world with an Apostolic authority and Prophetical anointing. He is known as the ‘prophetic voice for the revival of the Indian Churches’. In India, as part of his calling he mainly emphasizes and provides leadership towards evangelism, Church growth and spiritual revival. Pastor Paul Ang and Pastor Christina Ang are based in SIBKL church in Damansara, Petaling Jaya.