Presenting Christianity in a Relevant and Meaningful Way to the Chinese: Dovecast’s Chinese Culture and Christianity Series


From time immemorial, humans have engaged in various activities to gain hidden knowledge and attain control of invisible forces. The practices of Feng Shui and divination seek to discover or change individual destinies. As Christians, how should we respond to such claims? Dovecast (A Christian Media Organization) has released a new DVD product series – Chinese Culture and Christianity by Dr. Thomas Leung.

This DVDs, which will cover Feng Shui, Qi Gong, ancestral veneration, traditional Chinese cures and more, will hold up these practices against biblical teaching and strip off the superstition to reveal God’s truth, suitable for fellow Christians who want to learn more about Chinese culture in Christian Theology.


Topics included

1. Can a Christian have a gift of “Ghost eye” or heaven eye? 
2. How to share the Christian faith with Confucianists, Taoists or Buddhists? 
3. What is Destiny, Yin-Yang, I-Ching and Wu Xing? 
4. Can Christians get involved in Feng Shui and fortune telling? 
5. Can Christians practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi? 
6. Can Christians participate in Qing Ming or other festivals of the dead? 
7. How a Christian should respond to Ancestral Veneration? 
8. Through Chinese classics, what was the ancient Chinese concept of the Heaven? 
9. Burning incense in ancient China was meant for preventing worms or for worshipping gods or ghosts? 
10. How can we contextualize the Gospel as good news to the Chinese in an appealing and attractive way? 
11. Should A Christian get Acupuncture Therapy? 
12. Can a Christian hold a joss stick and bow before the picture of a deceased? 
13. Can a Christian enter the temple and what is the spiritual implication? 
14. Can Christian bow in a funeral conducted in Buddhist or Taoist rituals? 
15. The dragon and phoenix of China vs the dragon in the Bible. Are they the same?
16. Can our children study San Zi Jing (Three Character Primer)? 
17. How to distinguish between the historical Buddha and the spiritual Buddha? 
18. I can bend the iron spoon through the power of Qi Gong, is this from the evil spirit? 
19. How to share Christian faith to Guan Yin believer? 
20. When a Christian dies, will his or her soul ascent to the heaven directly?


More details on individual DVD.


DVD1 – From Chinese Philosophy to Christian Faith

Since the ancient past, the principles about God’s creation were already discovered by four great philosophers. The Buddha discovered the law of emptiness, Plato discovered the law of mathematics, Lao-Tze discovered the law of Dao and Confucius discovered the law of Heaven.

These were all great philosophical discoveries with regards to the creation of God, but none of them relates to redemption. The Bible tells us that human beings can only be saved through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.



DVD2 – The Riddle of Destiny

Is Feng Shui just a language game? Is it based only on ill-defined concepts and obscure prediction? Or is it a form of mysterious power of the spiritual world? Through the concept of hexagrams and trigrams, can we really stay away from bad fortune and receive good luck?



DVD3 – The Metaphysics of Qì

In traditional Chinese culture, Qì is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi is frequently translated as “life energy” or “energy flow”. Qi is the foundation that makes the movement of Yin and Yang possible. It is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. Can Christians practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi?



DVD4 – Understanding of the Chinese Folk religions

For many Chinese, Christianity is a foreign religion imported from a fundamentally different cultural matrix. How should a Chinese handle the relationship between Christian faith and Chinese culture?



DVD5 – Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine originated in ancient China and is based on a tradition of over thousands of years. The practitioners use herbal medicines and various mind and body practices, such as acupuncture, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, to treat or prevent health problems.

Should a Christian get acupuncture or Qi therapy?



DVD6 – Questions & Answers

More than 10 Q&A you want to know


About the speaker

Dr Thomas Leung (left) [Ref:]

Dr. Thomas Leung has been focusing on the study of Chinese history and philosophy through the years of his education. He obtained a PhD majoring in Chinese Philosophy and its Method of Thinking from the USA. He has been a senior lecturer and professor in several universities on both sides of the Pacific.

Dr. Thomas Leung is a renowned international conference speaker on religious, philosophy, social, and cultural issues. He has been invited to speak in conferences and seminars all around the world.

Being a professor in various universities in the Pacific Rim, he is also a compassionate minister who spends time working in the third world countries helping the poor and needy.

Currently Dr. Thomas Leung is the President of Culture Regeneration Research Society; C.E.O. of CRRS (Worldwide) Foundation and Editor-in-Chief of “Cultural China Quarterly”. CRRS has supporters/ members of well over 7,000 and is well accepted by the Chinese academic circle.


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The selling price is RM150 per set and RM25 for individual DVD.

DVD Format, English, total duration: 7hours 30mins

For more information and order, please contact:

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