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7 Feb 2013 by Natasha Kim CM – 


Faith Oasis Fellowship (FOF) is located at USJ 21, Subang Jaya. This humble Church started off not too long ago in November 2011, when God spoke to Pastor Jack Piong to start a Church. At the beginning, the congregation was just 20 people. But now it has grown to 30 people and growing! Right before the sermon they had a lively praise and worship as well as scripture reading and a moment for those who wish to share their testimonies.


The Past is Not the Future

Formerly a Taoist who used to be a committee member of a Chinese temple in Klang, today Pastor Steven shared that he wasn’t too proud of his life as he used to drink and gamble. But God miraculously saved him and turned it around. His life could never be the same again!

Pastor Steven has great passion to teach and evangelize amongst the youths. He has great burden to impart and stir up spiritual gifts to the youths and young adults. His earnest desire is to usher more souls into the kingdom of God.  The Lord has also taken him to the different areas in Indonesia and many remote churches in Sabah and Sarawak to pray for those who were in bondage and offer healing to the people. 

His sermon was his testimony. “Christianity without the Holy Spirit is like coffee without caffeine, it cannot pick you up! In Sabah and Sarawak the youths are so hungry for the Word of God that they fasted for several days – when they find out that a someone will be coming to minister to them.” he said.

Matthew 5:6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”


The Importance of Appreciation

Then he started off his testimony, “Previously when I was working I didn’t even give my wife a wedding ring but I gave her a lot of sufferings.” When a wife has a husband who drinks she suffers!  He then jokingly said, “When two drinks become four and four becomes more, you can even drive on the opposite side of the roundabout! That was my old self!” with that everyone in the congregation had a good laugh.  

2 Corinthians 5:17Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Although once you have accepted Christ and become a new creation he still allows trials to happen to you because he want to build up your character, he loved you . We take things for granted sometimes eg.  money, job, wife and children. He then pointed out that married people sometimes take their spouses for granted especially after they have children because things are not the before marriage. There are added responsibilities including caring for their parents and in-laws. He challenged everyone to not take for granted.


The Past and God’s working hands

How Pastor Steven came to God?

It all started in Subang Jaya when Steven was on a business, someone cheated him RM 200,000. Having heavy debts on his back, he sold his house and move to rented house in Puchong.

During his first month in the newly rented house, he came back from the temple with a “special” amulet for protection. Steven then hung these amulets at the front and back of his house. One day, his neighbour, an old lady who attends Calvary Church saw these amulets and shook her head telling his wife that the family should not believe in these things. This old lady added that their moving there with their children was all a plan from God. So when Steven came home from work, his wife told him what that old lady had said, he was furious and called the lady a “busybody”. Steven then said, “She was actually putting a ‘seed’ in us.”

The next day, the old lady had another conversation with his wife and told her to tell Steven that everything that the family eats comes from God the Father. This time he was even more furious, he purchased a red snapper for his wife to steam. He then brought it outside his house where the neighbour could hear him and shouted sarcastically, “Thank you Heaven! Today I got a big fish!”

Little did he know that, when this old lady and her family heard that, they started praying for him.


Unveiling of Truth

“Six months later when I came to know the Lord, they came to my house and told me that they had prayed for me after what I had done. At the same time, a lot of my other Christian friends were also praying for me, that the true ‘colours’ of the gods that I had been worshipping be revealed.” he said.

One day, Steven consulted a medium while he was in a trance asking for a 4 digit number, but Steven had to do something in return which was to go buy marijuana to smoke so that he can give him the numbers he’d ask for. Thankfully he did not go through with it.

Not long later when he was searching for God he was invited to a Christian seminar where he fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. “I cried for 40 minutes. When I was done and went back to my chair I felt so much lighter” he said. He realized that during that time, God has delivered him from alcoholism. He testified that he has no desire to drink anymore!  


Serving a Powerful God

“I thank the Lord that he has used me in Sabah and Sarawak so powerfully. Christianity is a faith for the champions and it’s exciting to be a Christian because the anointing is exciting and God is exciting! ” If you’re hungry for God, God will feed you and it doesn’t matter who is speaking to you because the anointing can be caught. With that he recalled, “I was at Calvary one day and the main auditorium was full, so they ushered me to the main auditorium. There the pastor said “Come and receive the anointing”. When no one came up I told the God, “If no one wants the anointing, I’ll take it all.” And with that, I flew six feet behind and landed on the ushers. That’s how powerful God is!”


Steven Lee is married to Chris Tai and they have four lovely grown-up children – Shaun, Lina, Sam and Lisa. They currently worship at Full Gospel Assembly in Kuala Lumpur.



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