Petite in Stature, but Big in Heart

Nov 15, 2012, by Adeline Lum CM-


Petite in stature but big in heart, Pauline Wong had been serving the people who had learning disability for 20 years in Malaysian Care

A lady who loved new things and challenges, she worked right away after completing high school, starting in the stock market in 1983, and then the developer company, bank property, pharmaceutical company and finally Malaysian Care in 1993.


When she started working, she went to church with a Christian colleague for a while until one day, she felt touched to answer the altar call!

“I believe it was the Spirit of God guiding me because I did not understand why I lifted my hand. But I went out anyway and I found out that I am a Christian,” said Pauline.


Hearing God’s Voice

Hungry for God’s word, she prayed to God saying that she would wake up early in the morning to pray.

“In the morning, I heard an audible and tender man’s voice saying, “wake up” twice. I thought it was my brothers’ but when I opened my door, there was no one, and then I remember my prayer. It was the exact time I planned to wake up,” said Pauline.

So, how did she end up in Malaysian Care? A friend invited Pauline to serve the people with learning disability at Malaysian Care once a month. However, Pauline felt burdened that more can be done.

“They (people with learning disability) would just run, hug and kiss me. I find them so… sincere and pure,” said Pauline.



At that time, she was also excelling in her career at the pharmaceutical company: good pay, good bonus, owning shares in the company and a good work relationship with her colleagues and bos

But in respond to her burden, she prayed and sensed that God wanted her to serve Him full-time. Sermon upon sermon would preach about being the soldier and servant of God. And even when she visited other churches, the sermons had the same message as well.  In addition to prophecies of her serving, and realizing her desire to serve the Lord by reading her journal, Pauline quit her job and applied for a job in Malaysian Care.


How God Confirmed Her Calling?

However, Pauline was uncertain of God’s Will in the first year she joined Malaysian Care. She prayed and one night in her dream, God showed her a gigantic shining word of “evangelism” against a black background. Another friend also shared with her that the least unreached group were people with learning disability.

“He told me that people with learning disability are always amidst us, but nobody is reaching out to them,” said Pauline.

In year 1994, a couple from United States representing Handi*vangelism came to Malaysian Care to teach them how to use camp to reach out to people with learning disability. Suddenly, she saw a connection between her dream, her friend’s advice, and the camp!


Work Base to teach people with learning disability living skills and independent living


She was certain that this was God’s Will for her. After that, she faithfully shared this model with other churches and developed bible materials for the camp.


How God encouraged Pauline?

In one camp, a boy ran up to her and said, “Pauline! I found a friend here.” She asked him who his friend was. “It’s Jesus. Now I can talk to him whenever I am alone at home,” said the boy who’s both parents work, leaving him frequently alone.

In another camp at United States, she was given a gospel tract to share with a 17-year old girl with cerebral palsy– very stiff facial expressions and no speech.

“I sat beside her and I didn’t know how to share, so I would continuously talk to her and sing to her. When I sang, “Jesus loves Christina, this I know”, she broke into a smile and God’s overwhelming love just flowed in me… and I started crying,” said Pauline.

Another incident was a boy she had been doing physiotherapy with since five years old. This boy had never spoke a word. But one day, after she prayed with him at 20 years old, she heard an “amen” to her prayer.

“I asked him if he said amen and he just laughed. I felt that God is telling me that they actually know and understand His love, and me praying with them“ said Pauline.


Employment Support Programme to Support Employment for People with Learning Disability


In fact, God also paved a way for Pauline to obtain a Master’s in special education that is accredited by Northampton University in London. The program was held in partnership with a university in Singapore. However, after she and a friend enrolled, they found out that the partnership had been terminated due to limited students in the class. Turned out, Pauline and her friend were the only students who enrolled. Because of that, Northampton University absorbed the cost of the termination and sent their lecturers over to Malaysia just to teach her and her friend. On top of that, the university waived 80 percent of their tuition fees. How amazing!


Always Trust in God

Although Pauline went through ups and downs in life, God always showed her that He is right beside her.

Leaning on God, she believes that God has the best plan for her. As the first believer in her family, most of her family members have accepted Christ including her parents. Although she lost her father and older brother in the same year, God has faithfully encouraged and redeem her trust in Him.

A big heart in a petite stature, Pauline is a servant of God who served with joy for Christ!


Note: All pictures were adapted from Malaysian Care website

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