Parenting Teens in Transition with JH Ranch’s Mack Ogren this Wednesday

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Parenting teens in transition can be a tough job. In today’s world, the number one fear of teenagers is never discovering their purpose in life. The number one fear of parents is not passing their values to their children. 88% of kids raised in Christian homes abandon their faith after high school. 9 out of 10 born-again teens don’t believe in moral absolutes. 

Mack Ogren’s Parenting Teens in Transition will give you a practical, hands-on approach to help your teens through his or her adolescent years. You’ll be challenged by practical wisdom for parenting – distilled nuggets of Biblical counsel – and encouraged by relevant strategies for implementing the principles in your family.  



About Mack Ogren and JH Ranch

Mack Ogren is the development director of the JH Ranch in northern California, home of Second Wind, Parent & Son/Daughter Adventures, Cloud 9, and Husband and Wive Adventures. He is also director of Outback International, a resource to parents/sons & daughters and husbands and wives in countries throughout the world. Mack has been with the Ranch for over 10 years after a career in the business world where he was a partner in a CPA firm and later the executive president of Randall Publishing Company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  

For over 25 years, the principles taught at the JH Ranch have revolutionized ministries throughout the United States and in over 8 countries.  


Event Details

Now for just one session, Mack Ogren is coming solely for a seminar in Kuala Lumpur.

Date of Seminar: 24 May 2017 (Coming Wednesday)

Time: 2-6pm

Speaker: Mack Ogren from the USA

Theme: Parenting and Family – Journey of Transition

Venue: Faith Oasis Fellowship, Jalan USJ 21/8, Subang Jaya


For more information, you may contact:

Bro Matthew: 012-2200095

Pr Dianithi: 016- 2353443

Pr Jack Piong: 016-2256306


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