Open Heaven Conference 2017 Coming Up This June

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The Spirit of God is looking for man. God longs for fellowship with man. Hence, the blueprint for Open Heaven Conference 2017 was conceived when the Holy Spirit impressed Rev. George Varughese to put together this event.


Rev George Varughese


More than a concept, Open Heaven is the harnessing of the dynamics when men and women comes together inviting heaven’s invasion (John 12:32). Come learn ‘How to Activate Open Heaven’, How to Sustain Open Heaven and the Principles of Living Under the Open Heaven.

Rev. George Varughese is the Founder of The Church Called Transformation which a movement to transform the individual bricks that constitutes the church. Rev. Varughese carries this mandate to build with leaders and pastors locally and globally.

We truly feel this will birth something great in Malaysia and in your very lives. Come to experience God’s reality in your life. Find out more below.


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