One Of The Fastest Growing : The New Covenant Church (TNCC)

The church reception

24th Sept.2012 by Natasha Kim, CM –

The church reception

The New Covenant Church (TNCC) is located at Wisma TA, in Damansara Utama. It started out in November 1st 2009 with about 30 over people coming together saying that they should start something. Their service at Wisma Atria saw over 100 people coming together to worship and praise the Lord and since then it just kept growing by the grace of God. It then peaked to 300 worshippers , co-incidentally the owner of the shopping mall wanted the premise back . Having to leave is one thing but finding a new place is another . The Lord graciously open the way for the church to relocate to Wisma TA , somehow the building was recently owned by a church member who graciously consented to have its 1st floor let out . Call it divine timing .

Soon after in January 1st 2011, TNCC moved to Wisma TA. Their services are currently situated at the newly renovated third floor now which can sit about 800 people . Also there is a beautiful information counter for new comers who wish to know more about the church . For people who would like to drop by, they have services every Sunday from 10.15 am to 12.30 pm and also some light refreshments serve after the service  as well.  As one enters the Church , you will be greeted with smiling faces and greetings from the ushers as well.

The church is one of the very few in this country which doesn’t emphasize on tithes and offerings. In fact there is no offering bags being pass around in their service and I was told there is no full time paid staff either . However there is a box situated in the building if one wishes to tithe . Eugene Tan , one of the church member said , “ there is no pressure of any kind when it comes to giving because no offering bags are being pass ’’ .

Pastor Peter Sze, joyfully preaching the sermon of the day

Recent Talk 16/09/2012

Pastor Peter Sze, the Senior Pastor of TNCC preached today and he talked about how the disciples did not understand what the kingdom of God was all about.  Pastor mentioned that the kingdom starts very small, as small as a mustard seed. What the disciples witnessed from Jesus was just a size of a mustard seed, just the beginning, because bigger things are coming and that the kingdom of God keeps on growing. When it grows, the influence grows and begins to cover other directions and a whole different area.  Pastor stated that, “God’s kingdom is within us.”

He also adds that the Kingdom of God can also be compared to leaven, that a woman cooks and hits with three measures of flour until it was all leaven. Can you see the leaven or the yeast? No. The yeast and leaven cannot be seen but one can see the influence of the dough. Just as Jesus permits the entire lump of dough so Gods rule will permit our entire needs. Just like that, every area of our lives the Lord is going to permit and touch, and we prosper because His favour is upon us. That is the kingdom of God, it is small and it is growing and you might not see it immediately but God is working inside us all the time. Pastor added that, “I’d rather surrender everything to Him because He will make all things turn out for my good.”

There will be so many of us that will come from the north, south, east and west and sit down at the Kingdom of God to celebrate together and the door will be open for everyone who believes in the Gospel. There is only one way, a narrow way, and that is through Jesus. Through the gates of Heaven , God will reach out and touch us.

According to John 1:14, “The word become flesh and dwelled among us” Just like how Jesus dwelled among us. The house of God is Jesus himself because the spirit of the living God came down to dwell in a human body and where God is, is the house of God. Pastor then says, “After Jesus died on the cross, Jesus knew he has done what he has come to do and that the disciples had to continue on as he passed the baton to His disciples. When he died and rose again , the Holy Spirit came down and there was an open Heaven, and the disciples then housed the Spirit of God.” He ended his sermon by saying, “When we are the house of God we become the gates of heaven.”

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