Not Too Late to Start a Church at 61 Years Old – Pastor Moses Solomon from Kuala Krai, KELANTAN

Pastor Solomon and his wife Gnanam
Pastor Solomon and his wife Gnanam


Moses only started to lead the Israelites out of Egypt at 80 years old. And at 61 years old now, Pastor Moses Solomon is answering God in his final stretch of life to start operating a church at Kuala Krai, Kelantan, with nothing but faith in God. He learned that God’s work never lack God’s providence.

And so, the church was birthed through registration in year 2012, called the Malaysia Rhema Centre. With contractors and donors sent by God, even favor from nonbelivers in renting out the church premise, Pastor Moses has lived a life of seeing God parting the Red Sea over and over again. God never let him down.

Yet, this faith was not built on the comforts and pleasures of life. At 19 years old, Pastor Moses moved from his hometown in Slim River in Perak to stay with his uncle in Kuala Krai. After eight months of unemployment, God granted him a job in Barlow Bousted Agency in Gua Musang to work as a technician for steaming boilers. 


Pastor Moses (left) standing beside a diesel engine of a ship
Pastor Moses (left) standing beside a diesel engine of a ship


In Gua Musang, although he was provided accomodation to stay, Pastor Moses had to be responsible for his own food. Yet, with only RM6 given in his pocket, he was unable to travel to the nearest town to buy food. For close to 20 days, he would only drink water until his feet would swell from malnourishment.

Yet, God was ever faithful. He sustained Pastor Moses by giving him favor through his neighbors who would offer him dinner. At that time, he learned to dine many types of exotic animals including anteaters, wild boars, and deers. It was at this time as well, he drew closer to God by feeding on His spiritual food through the Word.

Finally, after one month of lacking in food and sleeping on hard ground overlaid by newspapers, Pastor Moses received his first pay from the company. God promoted him to enjoy two meals a day at the canteen of his corporate with RM60 per month.

So, looking back, everything he is today came from God who divinely appointed him with many angels in his life. At 26 years old, God gave him the opportunity to obtain a government certificate for fixing steaming boilers and diesel engines (generator set).

The Lord also connected him with a good friend from Taiwan who would teach him the mechanics, formulas, and calculations for heavy machineries. And hence, with the advanced certificates of fixing steaming boilers from Australia and Singapore, Pastor Moses was able to steadily advance in his career later in Sime Darby and in Great Eastern Mills.

While advancing in his career, Pastor Moses also diligently served in the church as the handy-man. Gifted in fixing things, he was given the tasks from buying and setting up musical equipments to fixing the lights in the church. He did everything that was needed, from maintaining the church to leading the prayer group and finally preaching at the pulpit.


Pastor Moses (left) praying for a brother-in-Christ
Pastor Moses (left) praying for a brother-in-Christ


The Lord was with him every step of the way. There was one time, before he devoted his life to God, he was saved from a fatal accident by the angel of God. Riding his motorcycle in high speed, he collided with a bull that suddenly blocked his path. Although the whole motorcycle was wrecked in pieces, he came out of the hospital the same day he was admitted with only bruises and stitches.

Hence, for more than 30 years Pastor Moses faithfully served in the church, following three prophesies made on him. The first prophesy came from Howard Wickford from United States who pointed at him in the middle of a prayer altar and said, “Son, God wants you to serve Him.” Another two guest speakers also prophesied on him after that.

But it was at the fourth prophecy, Pastor Moses heeded the call, which was when the wife of his Senior Pastor John Ezekiel prayed for him, Hepsiba John. Since then, she actively taught him the Word, fasting and praying, interceding, and everything she knew. When the pastoral family left Kuala Krai on 1984, Pastor Moses was already prepared to do God’s work under the guidance of another senior pastor.

Not only God has equipped him with skills, the Lord has also built Pastor Moses’ and his wife Gnanam’s faith. Through their experience with God, they never lacked and God never let them down.

Gnanam, a headmistress in a Tamil school at Kuala Krai, shared how God was faithful to her during the recent flood in Kelantan. While reading her daily devotional, the Bible verse Isaiah 28:17 stood out to her, which says, “And water will overflow your hiding place.” At that time, she knew in her heart that the rain waters would flood into her place.

Hence, on that night of Christmas Eve at 10 PM, she prepared for the flood by placing the chairs on the table and moved her Christmas tree on the cabinet. She went upstairs to sleep in the bedroom until past midnight when the couple could hear their neighbors shouting for evacuation.


Gnanam (first from left) and Pastor Moses (second from left) with Damien Chua (second from right) and a brother-in-Christ
Gnanam (first from left) and Pastor Moses (second from left) with Damien Chua (second from right) and a brother-in-Christ


Coming downstairs in their home, Pastor Moses and Gnanam realized that the water has flooded in and risened to ankle-level. While Pastor Moses quickly drove his car to higher ground, Gnanam found herself at peace packing her bag, as she waddled in knee-length level to the church premise at higher ground. At that time, the water was rising three feet every hour. 

Had God not warn her earlier, she would be shocked to find the flood waters gushing into her immaculately clean house. Yet, because she was faithful in reading the Word of God, God gave her peace to go through the flood.

The flood rose to an unprecedented level beyond their expectation, as it rained for eight days. Standing at their church premise, in full view of his double-storey house that was half immersed in water, Pastor Moses flung his hands up into the sky and asked for God to stop the rain and forgiveness from Him for all his sin. The rain miraculously stopped the next day.

And after the flood, Pastor Moses found strength to clean his house only after three months. The flood has caused demotivation for weeks. But as soon as he decided to fix his house, God provided him so much funds that he could even donate his supplies to other people and churches. Hence, such was the journey of faith that Pastor Moses and his wife Gnanam had.

Although the couple did not earn much since Pastor Moses quit his job to be a pastor, God had faithfully provided for them. The LORD preserved their health, which saved them costly hospital fees. The LORD has also preserved their Honda City of more than 15 years without much fixing fees. This was how God financially blessed Pastor Moses and Gnanam.

And such faith has been exemplified to their son Selwyn. Gnanam recalled how her nine-year-old son would come home crying because his friends would teased him of his small house.

Hence, during their evening walk, Gnanam and his son would faithfully pray to God, for a particular house in an empty developed plot. Little Selwyn would come home every day announcing that he had pray to God for the house, every time he passed by it in his bicycle. And God was faithful to provide them! As promised to God, the house is now dedicated to Him as a place of refuge and rest for the servants of God who are passing by Kuala Krai.


Pastor Moses and his grown-up son Selvyn
Pastor Moses and his grown-up son Selvyn


Not only their house but the building of the church came from the hands of God. Believers of God came to offer contributions to Pastor Moses’ church including his carpet, signboard, speakers, fans, and even the work in renovating the church. Not only that, God also moved the heart of non-believers to show favor to Pastor Moses in renting the premise at a low rate.

During the church dedication in 2013, Pastor Moses was amazed to see how God filled the church beyond the 60-seat capacity. People even had to stand on the side! Pastor Alan Tan from Klang even flew to dedicate the church. And God was faithful to provide Pastor Moses the means to serve all his guests a sumptuous buffet dinner.

Hence, at 61 years old now, Pastor Moses is seeing the prophesy of God fulfilled in his life. He finally understood why God has placed him in Kuala Krai. It is to be the beacon of light for Him there. The church is now operating with two families and a civil engineer who is willing to serve the community with free tuition. Praise the Lord!

Many of us are afraid to step into what God has called us to, because we lack the faith that God will enable us to fulfill the vision. But God’s vision will never lack God’s resources! We are only called to obey and take the first step. And because Moses took the first step and one step at a time after that, he saw the supernatural hands of God in his life. God’s word became alive!

Hence, having walked with God for over 40 years now, Pastor Moses and his wife Gnanam testified of God’s faithfulness in providing for their needs. God never let them down. In full dependence on God, Pastor Moses Solomon and his wife Gnanam look forward to serve God for the rest of their lives in their Father’s house.


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  1. Praise God for Pastor Moses and his wife Gnanam and their son Selwyn.
    Their testimony proves God is faithful provider for His dear servants.
    May God bless Pastor Moses’ ministry richly for His glory!

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