No Love Know Love | An Exciting New Christmas Production in Kajang | 17th and 18th December 2016


What Is No Love Know Love?

These were the thoughts going through young Demi’s mind, a girl who just wanted to be loved for who she is. Demi is a girl looking for love. She never felt real love before and she desires to find it. During Christmas, her family is always busy getting ready for Christmas and she feels neglected. She tries to look for love through her boyfriend but he rather be at work then to spend time with her. All she wants is somebody to love her not for what she has done but just somebody to spend time with.

Her best friend, Eve, started to share that perfect love to her. She told Demi that Jesus could show her such love. Nevertheless, Demi wanted someone physical to love her. Someone that is truly there.

Eve assured her that Jesus is real and always wanted to be with her, if only she lets Him. Demi who does not believe in Eve decides to find love in other ways ending up in drug abuse, rejection from family and a heartbreaking relationship. She has no one to turn to and decides best to just end her life. Suddenly, Demi heard a voice. Is that the voice of God? Has she found true love? Or is she just hearing voices due to the drugs? Will she end her life? Come and find out whether does Demi who had No Love, Know Love in the end.





Christmas is a season of giving and in this very drama it’s about the giving of second chances to people around you. Come and see how Demi- the production’s main character, try to look for the kind of love that she has always wanted and how she struggles to give second chance to people for her to feel loved again. Whats more? It is FREE ADMISSION AND THEY ARE GIVING YOU A FREE Christmas Gift (for GUEST only)! So bring along all your friends and family members to join!



Keep up with the event news at their Facebook page. Find out more about the cast and event as well as register at the event registration page. There will be a FREE Christmas Gift (for GUEST only) on the show dates. Do sign up now for the team to prepare the gift especially for YOU!


Event Info

Venue: Kajang Assembly of God (KAOG) – 52, Jalan Timur, 43000 Kajang.

Date: 17th-18th of December 2016

Time: 7:30pm


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