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10 Aug 2013 by Donna Uning CM-


It was an enlightening and blessed night for the guests and recent graduates of Mount Carmel School of Ministry (SOM), as they fellowship with school director Pr Peter Tsukahira and Israel tour coordinator Pr Steven Tang at a reception dinner here recently.  

“Ask God what He wants to show you,” shared Pr Tang about planning a trip to Israel. “Come with expectations; ask God to show you something so you won’t be disappointed.”

He related how people can get disillusioned when they do not see anything.

“We go through such trials to get there,” he said telling many returned with transformations in their lives and none of them have ever said their money was wasted.

“Through the school, we connect students with the local population where they get to meet Messianic pastors, Jewish Christians, Arab Christian pastors, see their work and what they do,” he said impressing that it’s not just a tour-guided trip or routine visit. “It’s mind changing.”


Pr Peter Tsukahira singing with SOM graduates at a recent reception
Pr Peter Tsukahira singing with SOM graduates at a recent reception


He spoke about the Russian Jews and how students could hear from them about their journey back to Israel.

“The ministries shown (by Pr Peter Tsukahira) are real. You get to see what the Messianic congregation is doing at Mt Carmel,” said Pr Tang.

“Pr Peter wants the message of Israel to go out to the Christian world. Many of us don’t know anything about Israel,” he said telling many of us pray for peace for Israel, but do not know what we are praying for. Our understanding is superficial.

The school teaches the connections between the reason God chose Israel, prophesies that came to pass and our roles as believers.

He explained, “It is about our claim to our roots and to find our roots.”

This challenges us even more to pray for Israel and pray for the right things for Israel. The real enemies are the spiritual forces.

The workshops are the best introduction to the school. Students get to learn Hebrew, dance, learn how to share the gospel with Jews and learn how to blow the shofar.


Pr Stephen Tang
Pr Stephen Tang


“There are a lot of things to learn; you get into the ground and get a taste of what it is to speak in Hebrew.”

“Students are taught the 5Cs during the orientation – culture, cross, Christ, church and crusades. It is not about seeing places.,” he said. 

“Pr Peter is such a good teacher. He has the spirit to identify what it all means and he teaches the message of that place,” he believed. “When you learn, you begin to connect your life with that place.”

1 Kings 18 tells of Elijah’s first confrontation with the prophets of Baal.  He explained that during the visit, students are shown 'different facets of that message, it’s not just making altars. You will learn what it means to build an altar.'

“There are many lessons to be learned; one trip is not enough. There are a lot to see in Jerusalem,” he said.

So far, the SOM positions are filling up in 2014 and they are already booking for 2015.

“We are not like the church that brings tours to people,” he told. “Pr Peter does the teaching; how much can he teach if he’s not from there (Israel)?”

Pr Tsukahira has been living in Israel for the last 26 years.

“He knows the culture, issues and problems,” he said adding, “Come at least once in your life. Walk the land like Jesus, not like tour companies do.”

“It’s so wonderful to see you serving God,” said Pr Tsukahira. “I bring greetings from the School of Ministry, my wife Rita and Dennis, our first ever School of Ministry coordinator in Asia.”

“There’s a new wave of interest from Asia,” he said. “Pray for the spirit of revelation. It is most important before you come that you open the eyes of your heart.”

Move past the politics, history and ancient stones so you can see the hand of God; that’s the life changing part.

He explained that the school is extensive and you shouldn’t expect to get everything at once.

“These five minutes of truth took five years to understand,” he said, telling students get to see through the eyes of local believers and get the inside view.

There are four to five million Christians coming to Israel every year. Some get a non-believing driver who knows the bible but does not believe it. Most people never meet a local believer. 4

“Our ministry is designed as an antidote to this,” he said.

Ps Tsukahira then called in former students for a ‘homework check.’ The students, along with Ps Tsukahira, sang two Hebrew songs which they learned at the school.

Future students and guests got a chance to ask Pr Tsukahira, as well as Pr Tang about the school. The graduates also shared their testimonies about the school and visit to Israel.

Pr Stephen Tang is from Full Gospel Assembly, Satellite Church, Kuala Lumpur. He coordinates SOM visits for Malaysians. Pr Peter Tsukahira and his wife Rita are directors of Mount Carmel School of Ministry, Israel. 


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