On the Move for God (Unsung Heroes Series)

21st Nov 2012. By Donna Uning, Kuching. CM –

School holiday is fast looming and Stephanie Goh is busy checking every detail of the Children Prayer Camp duty list. At first glance, you would think this active mom is running her daily responsibility as a Secretariat with the Children Ministry like she always does. In less than three weeks, Stephanie, her husband, and her four children will be on a plane to Doha, Qatar, where her new home awaits.  

“There are Christian churches over there; you have to come and visit Church City,” said Stephanie enthusiastically over breakfast. Stephanie recalled how God positioned her into the Children Ministry at St. Faith’s Church back in 2007. Having been in a Secretary for ADYC Youth with St. Thomas Church in Bintulu, Sarawak, Stephanie has always been on the move for God. A mission trip to Leitchfield, England, brought her with her future husband.

“When my first son, Isaac was born, I decided to come back to Kuching,” she told. She had started with the Bahasa Malaysia Youth Ministry with the church for many years before joining the Children Ministry. “When I started having children, I just stayed on,” she laughed.

It has always been a joy for me to do projects with the Children Ministry, Stephanie recalls. “To see lives change and to make a difference in somebody’s life gives me the most satisfaction,” she said.   She believes in giving grace to others, especially when it comes to last minute requests like registration. She agrees that “it’s okay because God gives us grace”.


Stephanie Goh (second right) with St. Faith’s Church, Kuching, Children Ministry Team Noel Bucking, Superintendent Anna Richard and Wendy Wee.


She admitted that she would rather work behind-the-scenes than be on the forefront. Her contribution to the ministry is highly recognized by her peers. Children Ministry Superintendent, Anna Richard, speaks compliments about Stephanie’s role with the ministry. “When I ask her to do one thing, she will do ten things,” she said.

The family’s big move to the foreign country has been quite a journey. When Stephanie’s husband started working in Doha four years ago, many asked why she did not follow him. “The time was not right then. I had to seek the Lord first,” she replied.

Why now? “It’s high time that I go,” she answered. “The Lord is asking me to go. If it’s from the Lord, everything will fall into place. This time, there is no struggle,” she added. Stephanie, who has a special needs child, visited Doha last year. “God has been so good. I found a good place for Joshua,” she exclaimed excitedly. “I met the principal (of the school) last year. He told us that each class has two teachers and if needed, they will place an assistant especially for Joshua.” She feels blessed to have favor with God and men. “There are lots of therapists there. God is opening ways and opportunities for us,” she added. God is good and faithful.

Stephanie’s next move for God is days away and she is looking forward to serving God at her new church.  An hour after the church office closes; Stephanie continues working on last minute details of the prayer camp.   



Note:    Stephanie and her family leaves for Doha, Qatar on Tuesday, November 27, 2012. On behalf of friends from St. Faith’s Church, Kuching – Thank you. “May the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7







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