Molded by God to be His Holy Vessel – Pastor Victor Gee

Victor Gee
Victor Gee


Forty-one-year old Pastor Victor Gee finally fulfilled his desire to become a full-time minister of God in 2011. It was a dream he had since 15 years old, before the LORD pruned him to become His holy vessel.

Although he is now residing in New Zealand, he travels up to 25 weeks a year cumulatively outside New Zealand to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei to minister.

“Over the years, I have met a number of senior pastors in Malaysia and Singapore who were very fatherly and wise. Quite a few have met me in person after ministering at their respective churches and gave me confirmation in terms of what my ministry entails, and they spoke into my life.

“So, from there, the passion to come home and bless the local churches continued to grow,” said Pastor Victor who had done over 300 speaking engagements in the past five years.


Pastor Victor Gee
Pastor Victor Gee


When his ministry started, during the early years, the LORD instructed Pastor Victor to trust Him entirely for financial provision – meaning zero solicitation of donation from anyone for his ministry.  

“I’m not saying it’s wrong to ask for support because in this world, without money, you simply cannot operate. But in my case, being a former businessman where convincing others to donate money into my ministry would have been relatively easy, the LORD however had other ideas in stored.

“He wanted me to learn to lean on his understanding and trust in Him fully. Should I had gone ahead and asked for sponsors, I would have missed a major opportunity to learn to trust in His sovereignty and provision.”


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Although he made profit after selling off his nine-year-old chemical trading company, all the profit went into paying off his home mortgage. Hence, he literally started his ministry with zero dollars in his bank account.

“Every month was a step of faith. There were months where I didn’t even know how I would be able to pay for food, my children’s tuition fees, my monthly bills and etc.

“But somehow, either through honorariums, random unexpected love gifts or CD sales, the LORD has always provided the right amount to pay off what was required.”


Ref: Amazonaws
Ref: Amazonaws


Back tracking to the time when Pastor Victor had just completed his secondary school, he wanted to serve God full-time right away.

But his father strongly discouraged it, knowing that with only a high school qualification, life ahead will not be easy. So he had to duly complete his ‘duty’ first, which is to obtain his bachelor degree.

Hence, after working freelance and studying part-time for a few years, he finally graduated at 24 years old with a Bachelors degree in Media Studies from Adelaide, Australia.

“I came home and told my dad something along the lines of, ‘I have done it, I have graduated, I am an adult now, and I am going into full-time ministry now.’”

But surprisingly, God in His wisdom never gave Pastor Victor His confirmation. Instead, in obedience to God’s leading, he started working for his father and eventually accepted his father’s offer of RM80,000 to start his own business in Malaysia.


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Ref: pinimg


“But ever since I started, I never stopped asking God year after year for the day when I can revert into full time ministry.”

“And since I never heard back from God, I continued on. Looking back now, it became clear to me that those nine years were how long I need God to equip me via the secular world. When you are out there, it can get pretty crazy.”

In the business world, he experienced the backstabbing, lying, and cheating from people. Products that did not work were sold to him, false orders were made to his company, and debts were not paid. 

But this has ‘man him up’ to deal with whatever that is installed for him in the coming years as a full time minister.


I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. (Matthew 10:16)


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“So these days, I am pretty easy and relaxed when it comes to working with churches. You know, some people can get really uptight when things do not go right.

“It’s easy to say, ‘I travel all the way from New Zealand. I took special care in mentioning before hand the things that are required for the events or meetings (for example, sound system, program flow and etc) and when you turn up and nothing is in place, it’s understandable to be upset.

“But thank God, I don’t get rattled or frustrated, because I have seen far worse during my time in the secular world. To work and serve with Christians is really a walk in the park and I thoroughly enjoy every moment of it.

“Also, I tend to pay for my own accommodation, flight and everything else, unless the church initiates to chip in.”

The business world has also purified him from the love of money, where tenders and deals were typically given with bribery and corruption.


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Ref: mx3


“I have done the math, if God is willing to turn a blind eye, I would have easily become a millionaire within a year.

“As a young twenty-six-year old man, with all these money that was flaunted in front of me, it was a massive challenge to keep my integrity. I had to say no to all of them. And I thank God that in my ten years of business, not even once I said yes.”

Because he was not involved in dishing out bribes, business deals became naturally harder for him to obtain. He had to work even harder to get deals. But eventually, God blessed him to cross the million dollar mark in gross profit within the five years of operation.

“I think in a way I was born to do business. My mind seems to understand the workings of a business. I just knew how to get things around. But throughout my business venture, though I gave one-hundred per cent in all that I did, my heart ultimately was not in business.

“Every year as the company continued to grow, my heart was pleading to God, ‘I don’t wish to go on, please give me the green light to quit and go into full time ministry!’”


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But because of his intensive schedule at work, this has toughened him to travel extensively for his ministry now. His typical schedule these days would involve him visiting over 20 different places in 30 days.

Doing ministry from morning till night does not faze him either. But on the contrary, it is something that fires him up.

And while some may wish to think that a Christian life is problem-free and smooth-sailing, Pastor Victor went through a difficult time from year 2007 to 2009. It was at that time that God broke him and built him to become His holy vessel today.


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During that period, he was studying full-time at his Bible school in New Zealand. His wife was also studying at a nursing school. And the couple just had their second child. It was then as well, his wife was going through post-natal depression.

“It was through my wife’s battle and recovery from post natal depression that I grew in person. We went through that together and I saw depression in action. I became less critical to people who are struggling with any form of illness and learned to empathize more.

“You know, I am one of those gung ho guys. If someone is depressed, I used to say, ‘Snap out of it, come on, snap out of it, let’s be positive, just do it.’ But sometimes, it’s not a simple matter of snapping out of it.

“It could be a medical condition. And in my wife’s case, she has taught me that the best way to manage it is to be a lot more patient, and to show lots of support and love. So, that has softened me, to be less imposing and critical, and to be more caring and understanding.”


Victor Gee (second from right) with his family
Victor Gee (second from right) with his family

At that time, he was also flying back and forth from New Zealand to Malaysia, to handle two court cases made by his employees against his company.

One employee was covertly directing the company’s customers to his newly formed company. Another employee was caught stealing and forging his signature to acquire a personal bank loan.

Instead of sacking them, both were given the option to resign to prevent a dent in their resume. But they turned against him instead to sue his company for unlawful retrenchment.

“How did it make me a better person? I learned to rely on God. When all these challenges were thrown at me, the funny thing was that one of the papers I took in Bible school at that time happened to be the book of Psalms.

“Some parts of the book talked about how Israel was defeated by the Babylonians and they would sing certain songs like, ‘Blessed (or happy) is the one who takes your babies (of the Babylonians) and smashes them against the rocks!’ (Psa 137:9)

“I would love to pray that prayer, pray that God would vindicate me and curse my enemies… But God took me from Psalms in the Old Testament, right up to the New Testament where Jesus said, ‘Turn your left cheek, go the extra mile.’

“I had to change from being a bitter and angry person – especially when I was being nice to my employees and yet they reciprocated in an unfavourable way – to someone who can forgive and bless them instead.


Ref: catholicmarriageprep
Ref: catholicmarriageprep


“And I still remember the day when I finally found strength to forgive; a huge burden was lifted from my spirit. Unforgiveness is really like poison to the soul.

In the meantime, the LORD sent him a successful Malaysian businessman who was also studying in the Bible school, to advise him. Pastor Victor learned to swallow his pride, forgive them, and even paid for their compensation. The cases were settled out of court.

Indeed, a man broken and built in the hands of the Living God, Pastor Victor has experienced the peaks and valleys in life. Although he is passionate about evangelism, discipleship is still very much close to his heart.


Ref: agodman
Ref: agodman


“While I am passionate in evangelizing to people, I always feel, the next step is to get them discipled. I do not want to be that sort of people who would just touch and go… but I try to make sure they are in a good place after they receive Christ.

“That’s the reason why I always work with churches. I want to make sure those who received Christ will fall under a church covering. So far, I have avoided holding rallies in halls or stadiums, because you never know what would happen to those people who gave their live to Christ.

“With that said, I am not discrediting mass evangelism done in big halls and stadiums. I believe there is a place for that but should the option become available where evangelism can be done in the context of a church, I personally would prefer to go that direction.”

Having written and launched three song albums now, Pastor Victor Gee has the rare combination of being a gifted Gospel singer and a sharp preacher without apology.

A full-time minister for God now, Pastor Victor welcomes all opportunities to be God’s vessel in speaking His Word. Invite him to speak at your church by contacting him at or +6012-299-9876.


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Here is Pastor Victor’s schedule for the next six months!



21st May | New Life Restoration PJ | Petaling Jaya | Saturday evening service | 7pm

22nd May | Grace Assembly PJ | Petaling Jaya | Sunday Service | 10am

22nd May | Segamat Methodist Church | Segamat, Johor | Sunday evening service | 7pm

18th June | Penang FGA Church | Penang | Saturday evening service | 7pm

19th June | Penang First AOG | Penang | Sunday Service | 9am

26th June | Tawau (TBA) | Sabah | Sunday AM Services

2nd July | Canaanland Basel Church | KK Sabah | Evangelistic Outreach Concert | Saturday | 7pm

3rd July | Glory Christian Centre | KK Sabah | Sunday Service | 10am

3rd July | New Life Church | KK Sabah | Sunday evening service | 7pm



20th Feb | Church of Singapore Balestier | Evangelistic Outreach Concert | Saturday | 7pm

21st Feb | Bethesda Cathedral | Sunday Service| 9:30am

6th March | Grace Assembly of God | Sunday Services | 9am & 11:15am

26th March | ELIM Singapore | Evangelistic Outreach Concert | Saturday | 7pm        

27th March | ELIM Singapore | Sunday Services | 8am & 10:30am

29th May | Emmanuel AOG Church | Sunday Services | 9am, 10:30am & 3:00pm



25th Feb | St Margaret Church | Seria | Young adults meeting | Thursday | 7pm

26th Feb | St Margaret Church | Seria | Evangelistic Outreach Concert | Friday | 7pm

28th Feb | St Andrew’s Church | Bandar Seri Begawan| Sunday Service | 7:45am & 10am



14&15th May | Indonesia (TBA) | Jakarta | Sunday Services



14th Feb | Bread of Life Church | Auckland | Sunday Service | 10am

13th March | Chinese Anglican Mission Church | Wellington | Sunday Service | 9:30am

20th March | Christchurch Chinese Methodist Church | Christchurch | Sunday Service | 10am

20th March | Christchurch Chinese Church | Christchurch | Sunday Service | 9am & 11:15am

3rd April | Bread of Life Church | Auckland | Sunday Service | 10am

10th April | Hamilton Mandarin Church | Hamilton | Sunday Service | 10am

5th June | Bread of Life Church | Auckland | Sunday Service | 10am


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  2. It is very enlightening to listen to his sermon (in Church of Praise, Ipoh, 9/4/2017). His sermon is very clear, he spoke with clarity and the message uplifts the congregation. An amazing story. Wish him well in all his travels.

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