A Minute To Share It

7th Nov 2012. By Mindy Oon, Ipoh. CM –

As I entered into the youth room on Sunday morning, Pas. Matthew Dass of FGA Ipoh was throwing out the following question to the teens gathered there – ‘Can you share the gospel in one minute?’

Whilst many of can go on and on about things we are interested in such as our favorite football team or the best ‘makan’ place in town, we become tongue tied when it comes to talking about Jesus. I myself did not share the good news to my friends until I saw my Christian Fellowship mates sharing their testimonies to friends and strangers alike. It was not that I did not want my friends to know about Christ, after all, they already knew I was a Christian, that I went to church, and that I would not stand for values that were against the Word of God. I knew as Christians we should share the good news to all creation, I was taught well in church. I just did not know how to share the gospel. The thought of doing so terrified me, and if someone would have asked me if I could share the gospel to them in one minute, I would probably stare back blankly. Partly because I didn’t know Jesus well enough, and partly because I had never spoken about Him to anyone, except in church.


However, as I saw my friends sharing their stories, and just naturally inviting non-believers to come to know Jesus, I was encouraged to share what God has for mankind as well. As I started opening my mouth to speak about his goodness, I found that I began to know Jesus better and better, and that telling my friends about the good news became easier and easier. It became a natural conversational topic.

As the young people thought and responded to the question that was given to them on Sunday (some were ready to share the gospel, other could not say more than three words about Jesus), I realized that we, as God’s children and Christ’s army need to be prepared to share our testimonies and how Christ came to save us. After all, in Mark 16v15, we have been called to ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature’. 


Check out the following videos to see the gospel being shared in one minute:






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