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I believe in the blessings from God

Abraham had faith, Moses had Rod

I have only You with love and peace.

Great are Your Promises of release!


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Holy Jesus!  You are The Soul Master.

In a  boat of fish ,You are  The Caster.

You are Son of God,  The Messiah!

Your coming  prophesized by Isaiah!


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Mankind came to life after death

When You, Master of Miracles

Walked out of The Grave,  alive

And  shamed the devil  for  life.


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Hallelujah!  You are Lord of all

On earth , Jesus, You stand tall.

O My God , I am in ecstacy deep.

My soul is on fire, refuses sleep.


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Save me again and again, Sire

I exalt You Lord, higher, higher!


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