Mama’s Story

Mama pushing her wheelchair!
Mama pushing her wheelchair!

26th November 2012  by Mindy Oon – CM .

Many of you responded to the story and picture of Mama getting up from her wheelchair during the Revival Fire and Healing Rally at Harvest Time Sanctuary Ipoh (HTS) on the 16 to 18 of Nov and wanted to know more about Mama’s story, as told by Sherene Ng of HTS

 Pastor U.U. Dennis from Jesus Reigns Church in Abuja, Nigeria received a vision from God that he would be praying for a ‘mama’ that would be in a wheelchair and she would be healed. ‘Mama’ would rise up and walk after he prayed for her. After that Pas. Dennis saw angels come and take her home.

‘Mama’, or Madam Lee Siew Wen was born on the 18th of November 1936, and left this world in her sleep, taken by angels on the 18th of November 2012.

Most of us are probably questioning why did God heal her and then take her home so quickly? In his vision, God told Pas Dennis the reason for this is because He wanted her to go home WHOLE, and not die in a wheelchair.

Mama has gone through many challenges in her life, and to see a smile on her face is a miracle. She was hit by Parkinson’s disease, and for the past few months before the rally she was not even able to stand for more than one minute. She had no more strength in her legs.

That night, when Pas Dennis prayed for her, Mama was not only able to stand, but was able to walk for more than 15 minutes! Mama’s daughter said that she has not seen her mom in such a happy state before.

Mama pushing her wheelchair!

At Mama’s wake, her face was glowing. Rev. Pas. Henry Ng said that “it is like looking at two different persons!” For a lady whose countenance was always down and sad due to the challenges in her life, a miracle had happened. God loved her so much that He made her whole even though the time for her to return home to heaven was so near.

Rev. Pas Henry Ng reminded those who were at the wake that God’s ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55v9). Even as Mama has returned home to heaven, her story tells of how much God loves us. In the two days between her healing and her passing, God’s glory was upon Mama, and in 48 hours, Mama was able to tell of the glory of God. 

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