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11 July 2014 by Jason Law CM –


On the 29th of June, 2014, Pr Derek Hong shared in KAOG about the Covenant with God. Besides that, he also talked about the power of having knowledge from God and carrying it to the world. Among some of the things was on how our minds gain knowledge.


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Do you know that there are actually 3 types of knowledge in the world today? Firstly, there is what is known as Cognitive Knowledge. To put in simple terms, Cognitive Knowledge is when our minds process the things we read or learn in classes, seminars, and so on. Some examples are science, math, languages, and technical skills.

Then there is also the Relational Skill, which is also known as EQ (Emotional Quotient). This knowledge helps us to understand ourselves and other people better. Pr Derek ascribes success to this kind of knowledge more than to IQ.


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But beyond these two types of skills, there is also Revelational Knowledge, and this can only come from God. It cannot be acquired through study, research or even our relationship with others. This type of knowledge come direct from God and opens our eyes to see issues in a brand new way. It enriches our lives, help us to deal better with issues, and grow in a way that is impossible otherwise. The Bible is full of them and many of us have gone through the experience while doing our devotions.

Revelational Knowledge is knowledge that God Himself gives us so that we know the secrets to success in our business, relationships, and every aspect of our life. This success goes beyond the physical into the spiritual parts of our being. Relationships with others improve, we have peace and contentment, and we are always aware of God’s presence in our lives. The richness of life becomes a reality and we struggle less with it. It makes us proactive and excited about being Christians.


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‘Christianity is a proactive faith. Just by taking one example, we often hear the saying; ‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do to you’. Jesus went one step further. In Matthew 7:12, He taught us to do unto others in a way that we would have them to do unto us. Some of us may not realize the difference but it is an immense one. This is a very proactive statement; it is not passive, and we do not just sit around thinking of ourselves.

It teaches us to actively seek for the good of others. Can you imagine the impact on the world if everyone would know and obey this golden rule? The impact on families, our workplace, our churches, and our nation would be tremendous. It has the power to bring remarkable blessing and revival to nations, and change the world,’ Pr Derek shared.


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Numerous verses in the Bible (eg Mark 1:15; Matthew 6:9-10) speaks about God’s Kingdom, not in Heaven, but on Earth. In fact, the New Heaven and New Earth speak about this. God’s revelational knowledge does not just bring us to Heaven while we sit around waiting for our time. What Jesus did on Calvary have made it possible for us to download His Kingdom on Earth, and Christians must rise up to their roles.


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Pr Derek shared that in Singapore, the shipping ports are very active and there is much salvaging of ships. The ships then go out to bring goods and supplies to other countries. This is very similar to God’s Kingdom.

Every Christian has a responsibility and a role to play. The church serves as the port where we download God’s Word every Sunday into our lives, and then, with this knowledge, we’re supposed to go out and salvage Earth for His glory. ‘Every Christian regardless of who you are is like an Ocean Carrier. And some of us are even Battleships,’ Pr Derek illustrated.


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He shared that in Heaven, there is infinite beauty and creativity, and Heaven is primarily about the abundance of good things. ‘Many people don’t understand poverty. They see it as an absence of things, but it is not. Poverty is a mind-set. Some rich people have everything in the world but they are spiritually empty and they never have enough. That is poverty.

‘It is possible to bring a reality of Heaven about on Earth. We may not have a lot, but we can still be generous. Just like the carriers at the port, we’re vessels carrying God’s reality into our places. Start by learning to see yourselves and the world differently. We can download the goodness of Heaven into our lives and to the people surrounding us. Go forth and bless others just as Jesus taught us.’           


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