Loving Kajang, Loving It’s People

23 June 2013 by James Hoh CM –


They painted Kajang town ‘green’ the last time to show unity and prayer for the nation but this time and for the first time, the churches in Kajang will join hands to hold a Love Kajang Project – Social Awareness Day for the community on the 6th July 2013 (Saturday) at Metro Point Complex, Kajang.




Pastor George Dass, the Chairman of the Project and also one of the pastors from Kajang Assembly of God explained that Christians in Kajang who come from more than 15 churches in the vicinity would encourage their neighbours to join hands in the project. The event, which will start at 10.00 am end 3.00 pm, is expected draw a crowd of 1000.  

Pastor George said the objective of the Love Kajang Project is to raise awareness on crime prevention, promote a healthy lifestyle through talks and the donation of blood to the National Blood Bank. As Lord Jesus Christ, the son of God who so willingly gave Himself for us, the churches therefore, want to exemplify the Lord Jesus Christ by giving their services generously to the community of Kajang.

One of the highlights of the event would be the presentation of 15 new wheelchairs to homes – regardless of race, creed and religion. 




The colouring contest for the 200 children who had signed up earlier is to discover creative talents among them. Also, while some of their parents are donating blood or attending the crime awareness and health talks, they will be kept occupied.


Donate blood


Pastor George said that the Love Kajang Project is not a one-off project but rather, an initiative to be continued to engage and bless the community by the Kajang Assembly of God churches. He added that next year there will be a Gotong-royong project to clean up Kajang town besides another prayer drive to pray for Kajang and Malaysia.




“We want to encourage everyone in Kajang and Semenyih to participate in the Love Kajang Project.  It will be officially launched by the Member of Parliament for Hulu Langat, Yang Berhormat Dr Che Rosli Che Mat,” he added.

Hope to see you there!


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