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23 March 2013 by Natasha Kim CM –


Samuel Oh aka Sam is 25 years old and works as a Business Developer at Noisy Bunch, an audio production company. Personality-wise, he is down to earth, witty, and a people-person. He grew up pretty much knowing what his goals in life were. Most of all, he knew that he loves everything to do with music!


Samuel Oh performing live


Anyone who knows Sam knows that he can break into a tune at any given moment if he felt inspired to. Drawn to God, he would instinctively pray for God’s guidance, refusing to displease Him in anyway. His mature relationship with the Lord had led him to a fulfilling life today.  

The “Klang boy” as he calls himself, grew up in a Christian background. He goes to church on weekends with his family. Together they attended Church of Shekinah Glory there. At a mere age of 7, he made his decision to accept Christ, and got baptized soon after.

Sam’s home is always filled with music. During his younger days, he and his sisters grew up having different musical instruments around the house, especially guitars. His father was a music teacher and he was very involved in their Church worship ministry team.

Inspired by his father, music came naturally to him, and he loves worshipping God. “I sing 24 hours even when I’m talking,” he jokingly said.



At the age of 12, he started jamming and got himself involved in the youth worship team. “The only exposure I had with live-music was at church during that time” he said. So, it wasn’t until much later in his teens that he started experiencing other types of live music.

When Sam enrolled into Life College, he found that opportunities were limitless. He was influenced by “Switchfoot”, a mainstream American alternative rock band and a few other bands from the same genre.

“Obviously that was the pinnacle of music for me. I always knew I wanted to inject hope, love and faith in people. Why make people feel like they want to cut and slit their wrist?” he strongly shared.  

Sam’s dream was to make music! Since a few of his college mates who were all Christians shared the same interest and passion for music, they got together and decided to form a band. Interest and passion for music were the ingredients for a great start. They named the band, “Busco”. Sam took the role as a lead singer and a guitarist for their new electro pop rock group.  




The group then gained increased popularity after winning the battle of the bands in 2007, where they finally got to meet “Switchfoot” and perform on the same stage with them in Malaysia.

Busco has been around ever since. Their recent achievement was this year when the group got to go for a mini tour in Australia and New Zealand to perform live.


The Right One and God’s Timing

Romans 8:28 – And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Sam often quotes this Scripture. “It has helped me with a lot of decisions and self – assurance in life” he said.

In his personal life, he realized he really hit things off with his long-time friend, Hsulynn Pang. They got together in 2009, and together they looked for a church that’s right for them; that was when they found Kingdom City KL and started worshipping there.


Hsulynn Pang and Samuel Oh


In 2010, during his studies in KDU University, Sam realized that he was falling more and more in love with Hsulynn. “I’ve always prayed this prayer saying, ‘God please let my wife be from my first and last girlfriend’. As soon as I got my first girlfriend, I just knew she would be my wife!” Everything was just a matter of timing.

The Lord answered his prayer and so Sam proposed to her in 2012. Now they are happily waiting to get married. We then discussed how people are getting married later nowadays and he shared some inspiring words saying, “I don’t know what some people are waiting for. Why do life alone when you can do it together?” Now both of them are worship-leading at Kingdom City KL.


The happy couple, Sam and Hsulynn


The biggest difference between performing outside and worshipping in church is the word performance. It isn’t a performance when you’re worshipping in Church. “When you bring worship to Church especially when you’re leading it, it’s just you bringing your own worship to God and encouraging the Church to worship along with you, allowing them to give their hearts to God.” he said.

He added, “When I play outside, it’s a full on performance but of course there is an element of God in the midst of performing.” This is shown in the behaviour the band displays on and off stage. It speaks louder than words.


Worship leading at Kingdom City K.L.


When asked what is the biggest miracle he experienced he said, “None of those leg growing, death defying ones but mine definitely has a lot to do with decision making, when a wrong decision suddenly becomes a miraculous one.”

He continued on by giving examples of how he had prayed for the right job to come along. “Obviously there is only one right job, so when I used to get rejections with potential employers I used to get so upset. But the thing I failed to see was what I asked for – a perfect job.” said Sam. Now he has his perfect job that is also music related and his happy relationship!

It’s the little things for Sam, like finding a new church, the right job and the right life-partner that has made it all worth the while! 



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  1. Inspiring yet simple – may Samuel and his future wife, grow stronger in their faith for God and may they continue to do His work.  Awesome testimony.  God blessings be upon you both as you embark into the next level with the Lord. Amen.

    Diana YEO

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