Loud and Proud to be a Child of God

14 Feb 2013 by Donna CM – 


The first thing you notice about Bro Peter Chan is his enthusiasm about his relationship with God. Bro Peter Chan or better known as ‘Ah Peng’ by his friends, is loud and proud to be a Christian and one could not help but give full attention to him once he started talking about Jesus.



Many times I hear him talk about his life now and then; his spirit will lift you up. Over 10 years ago, this man of God is far from talking about his love for Christ. In his testimony, he talked about coming from a Buddhist family, being a staunched Buddhist, and how he worshipped many gods.

“Before knowing and accepting Christ into my life, I encountered many problems especially the last three years concerning my family members, business and my children,” he wrote in his testimony many years ago. He once told me that he would do business with intentions of getting rich quick, and got away with it too. But his life was miserable.

“One day I had this sudden realization that although I had faithfully worshipped so many gods and erected alters for them in my house, I faced so many problems. My gods had not protected me and helped me,” he recalled. He told me that a friend who recently became a Christian brought him to church. He saw how his friend’s life had changed and he was curious. He would ask, “I heard you are a Christian. Who is Christ?” So his friend brought him to St. Faith’s Church, Kuching. At first, his friend wanted him to join a Chinese service. “I don’t even know how to write Chinese. I don’t even know how to write my name in Chinese,” he laughed thinking about that moment.

On November 11, 2001 he went to church for the first time. “As I stepped into the church, I felt ‘peace that surpasses all understanding’,” he said. He told me how he was touched by the people and how friendly they were. “Even to me, a stranger!” he said. He was happy to hear the singing (praise and worship) and his whole body felt different. It was then he decided to become a Christian.

He returned all his idols to the temple and repented. He could not wait to be baptized. He told me that he was telling church members that he wanted to be baptized right away.  “I didn’t know anything. All I wanted was to be saved and my family to be saved. I wanted the light right there and then,” he said when he was prayed for the first time.

“I fall without hurt. I see brightness. I saw something very bright and heard ‘don’t be afraid’. I can’t open my eyes. After the white cloud was gone, I woke up,” he told.

“I am a changed person today. My problems become less. The Lord blessed my family and business. I began to read the Bible,” he said then. That was in 2002. On March 3 the same year, his wife, Marie and children, Jonathan, Catherine and Kelvin, also accepted Christ. The whole family attended services and his children joined Sunday School.



He ended his testimony with Proverbs 3:5-6:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know. Remember the Lord in everything you do and he will show you the right way.

Bro Peter and his family have been Christians ever since. Currently, Bro Peter is a forwarding agent and works with his wife at the Sunday Market selling vegetables on the weekends. His business is good and he makes sure his workers conduct themselves according to his beliefs and faith.

He tells his friends and people around him about Jesus all the time. He’s probably one of the proudest and loudest man for Christ in the city. Bro Peter and Marie now attend Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching and go to many Christian conferences and seminars yearly. Every time he talks about God, Bro Peter is full of the spirit; and that presence is undeniable.

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