He Knew What My Future Held!

3 Aug 2013 by Mindy Oon-


God knows what is in store for us. And when we listen and walk according to His plan, He will make sure that we always have enough. Below is Natasha Liew Velkumar’s testimony on how God made sure that she had enough. Even when she did not know what was going to happen in her future, He did.

Two years ago, when I was planning to buy a car, I had in mind to buy a Japanese-built car that cost around RM 90,000. At that time, I was teaching in an international school in Kuala Lumpur, and with my salary, i could afford to pay for the monthly loan payment. However, before I made the decision to purchase the car, I prayed to God. I wanted God to bless my decision because this was the first big decision I’ve made for purchase. As I was praying and telling God the car I was interested in, God said to me, "That is NOT the car you are going to buy.’ I was confused and I replied that I could afford the car. But God said that was not the car I was to buy as He has another car in mind. At that time, I was puzzled and ask God to show me the car He had in mind.

At that time, the newspaper in front of me was flipping due to the strong wind in the hall and it showed a Proton Saga FLX white in colour and it was priced at RM 44,000!

Still puzzled but having faith in God, I made my bookings and got the car in two weeks. But, I was still puzzled. Why something cheaper when I could afford the other car?




Well, now I know the answer. In 2012, God led me to leave my job in KL and shift to Ipoh. I got the job in Ipoh in December in the most miraculous way, and I knew it was God who wanted me to be here in Ipoh. The thing is, here in Ipoh, my salary had been reduced comparatively to what I was receiving when I was teaching in Kuala Lumpur. But yet, I could still afford to pay for the Proton Saga that I now drive. However, if I had been stubborn and ignored God and purchased the original car I had in mind, the current salary I am earning in Ipoh will not be able to support the monthly repayment.

Now I know, why God wanted me to buy the Proton. God plans everything for His children. He knew I would be coming to Ipoh and He did not want me to be burdened by an expensive car. I know now that God provides and God is always there to hold us, decide for us and to just make sure His children are well provided for.

At all times, we as children of God, must always listen to Him as only He knows what is ahead of us. I am glad that my deep faith and love for Him lead me to listen to Him and He is still taking care of me. As I’m completing this testimony, I want to share a verse from Matthew 6:33 that a friend shared with me recently; 

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously and He will give you everything you need.

Indeed He provides for those who put Him first.


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  1. Dear Natasha, I am a new "Christian"…not baptized yet.  Sometimes I do get confused by what Christians say.  How do one knows what GOD says to you?  Eg. when you pray to GOD and asked for something or simply pray to tell GOD something, how do you know that GOD spoke to you?  In what way will you experience this?  


    • Hello Judy,

      You are not alone in attempting to discern the word of God. I would love to give you a formula but I can’t really give you a fixed formula of, ‘if God do or say this or that, then He must be talking to you.’

      Perhaps you can try ‘Experiencing God’ written by Henry & Richard Blackaby Claude King’? They cover a day-by-day guide on how to discern God’s voice in the beginning chapters. Try to get it from Christian bookstores like Glad Sounds, Canaanland, etc.?

      In pg 43, it is written:

      “The key to knowing God’s voice is not a formula, not is it a method you can follow. Knowing God’s voice comes from an intimate love relationship with God. That is why those who do not have the relationship (“do not belong to God,” John 8:47) do not hear what God is saying. You must watch to see how God uniquely communicates with you. You will not be able to rely on other people’s walks with God. You will have to depend on God alone. Your relationship with Him is of utmost importance.”

      Hope this helps Judy,


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