Kevin Dexter in Kuala Lumpur: Much Deliverance and Healing in Previous Meetings

Kevin Dexter at Faith Covenant Tabernacle Church


Kevin’s Personal Testimony

For many years, Kevin Dexter understood the meaning of a church solely in the context of a building. He shared in his testimony that to him at that time the church was where people went to try to meet God, or try to impress God through being nice and singing. He only attended christenings, weddings and funerals.


Kevin Dexter


It was only years later that  through a series of Divine promptings that led him to a church introduction to Jesus, where, for the first time he witnessed the power of the Holy Spirit which made him conscious to the realness of God! But that first encounter made him felt so exposed, that like a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights, he ran.

‘I continued to live in ignorance for years until eventually my lifestyle destroyed my life and I came to the point of wondering what my life would have looked like if I’d allowed God to make my decisions instead of me,’ he shared.

‘I re-attended the church introductory course with a surrendered heart, a complete realization that there was in fact nothing good in me, and nothing I could give God to repay Him back for a lifetime of sin. The only thing I had to offer was my repentance, love and my body as a living sacrifice, and if the Lord could do something with this broken vessel, then He was welcome to it!

‘As Jesus died for me and paid my penalty, I chose to crucify “my way” that He may live through me His way, thus giving me a brand new start in life, to be born again by His Spirit.’


Kevin sharing at Faith Covenant Tabernacle.


Upon receiving the Holy Spirit and as Kevin’s relationship with Christ grew, God told him that He had plans for Kevin’s life and that as long as he would yield to God, He would bring a new purpose unto his life. God helped him to effortlessly stop smoking and getting drunk.

But along the way, Kevin also had to learn to give up some religious spirits and mind-sets which were hindering him in his walk with God. Over the years, as Christ slowly teach him the vital keys for walking in His truths, Kevin has witnessed many signs, miracles, and wonders through the ministering of the Holy Spirit.


Kevin’s Ministry

In France, Kevin witnessed God’s healing of deafness, paralysed arm, and vitiligo among others. In the USA, he witnessed the healing of tinnitus, sinus problems, and the miraculous removal of a cyst from a brain. In Australia and New Zealand he witnessed many other healing. Besides the ministry of healing, God has also employed Kevin in the deliverance and prophetic ministries.

This year, he is traveling the world sharing about the power of God, in Australia, France, South Asia, in the USA, New Zealand, and the UK. Part of the itinerary included Malaysia. In various meetings at various locations earlier this month, he has witnessed many miracles take place in the Klang Valley. Among these were the healing of deafness, right shoulder pain, weak legs, and in the eye, besides the powerful visitations of the Holy Spirit and much deliverance, even activating and teaching the young among us to be a prayer warrior for the sick. 


Session at the Faith Covenant Tabernacle Church.


Kevin will be ministering in two further upcoming meetings:


25th Sept 2017 – Ministering with the Full Gospel Businessman Meeting, Damansara Intan Chapter in 13A23 Block A, Lift Lobby 6, 47400 Damansara Intan, Jalan SS20/27 Petaling Jaya, Selangor at 13:00.

29th Sept 2017 – Ministering with the Full Gospel Businessman Meeting at the (Second Floor) Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur at 13:00.


To find out more about the Kevin Dexter and the ministry, you may visit Kevin’s ministry page at or his Facebook page at


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