“Jubilee of Restoration and Transformation” by Pastor Julius Suubi

Pastor Julius preaching the Word
Pastor Julius preaching the Word

19th Sept 2012 by Ezra Chim , CM

Pastor Julius Suubi, the founder and director of Highway of Holiness Ministries International in Kenya. His church has set up a 24/7 Prayer Tower for the Nations. He has the passion and burden to pray and bring the nations back to God. He has travelled to more than 25 countries and brings with him a wealth of experience to bless our nation.

Below are the excerpts of his sermon delivered at FGT USJ on the 16th September 2012.

What does Jubilee means to Malaysia?

  1. God has patterns that He has said in the realm of the Spirit and He follows that pattern. When a nation fails to recognise the patterns that God has said, then the nation may miss out on His divine visitation. If we seize the moment and take the nation at heart and pray for the nation and move in the prophetic season and “kairos” moment that the Lord has given, then there will be a total turnaround in this land. Times of Jubilee were a time of liberty where every limitation will be broken down. It is a season for God’s release of supernatural power to break every kind of limitations that has been limiting this nation from fulfilling its prophetic destiny. God created the nation of Malaysia for a purpose. This nation has a calling and a redemptive contribution that she has to give to the redemption of mankind. Malaysia has not been walking fully in the redemptive calling because of the limitations of the church of Jesus Christ. The year of Jubilee is the window of opportunity in the realm of the Spirit that every bondages, limitations and powers of darkness to be broken down in Jesus’ name.
  2. Jubilee is a season of family restoration. People are encouraged to go back to their families. What makes the nucleus of the nation is how the family looks like? There is great invasion of the forces of darkness against the family. Divorce, separation, children’s disobedience have all affected the institution of family. The Lord is releasing the anointing and grace to restore families to God’s original purpose. The “Josephs” in foreign lands will return and contribute to the family and the nation.
  3. God will judge us corporately for the corporate sins that have been building up for years. Time of Jubilee is also a time of repenting and asking the Lord to show mercy and grace upon our country. Jubilee is not about celebration and we will not have jubilee in its fullest measure if we have not dealt with the sins of the land. Sin gave the legal grounds for the Lord to withdraw His Hands for the forces of darkness to bring evil in this nation.  God is giving us an opportunity to pray for this year of Jubilee, not to bring judgement but to release this nation in a great revival that will lead to the transformation of the nation.
  4. It is a season to forgive one another for all the historical wounds, hate and contentions. Malaysians are to love one another regardless of race and colour.
  5. Jubilee is a season of justice and release from debts.  It is a new beginning and opportunity for everyone. God is a God of justice and mercy. It is a time to release people from debts, nationally, corporately and individually.
  6. Finally, Jubilee is a season of restoration, to begin over again. God’s purposes for the nation will be restored. The Lord has created the nation with a vision, a calling and a plan to fulfil her divine destiny.  Whatever the devil has stolen, God is going to restore and there will be a great season of harvest. The church is to get ready, expand your nets and God will bring in the fish.

May the Church of Christ choose this window of opportunity that the Lord has given us to fulfil the redemptive destiny He has for us all. This is the “kairos” moment for the nation and do not miss out the timing of God. The Lord is ready. Are we ready? And now, the work for us all has just begun!