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27 Dec by Natasha Kim CM-


SIBKL recently held its musical production entitled “Everworld”, from 19th to 24th of December, at the SunwayMas Community Centre (SMCC). And I attended the very first day of the musical production which was solely dedicated to the people from the surrounding community. Invitations were sent to proximal businesses and families, drawing in large crowd from all walks of life. Many came early to get the best possible seats.


The Everworld Poster at the entrance of the auditorium


Before the musical production, a buffet dinner accompanied by a Christmas choir was held for a number of invited guests. It was filled with great people, delectable food and of course exciting presents! After dinner, everyone took part in a brief game before leaving with a souvenir each.


Pastor Victor heading the buffet dinner for the invited guests


Then, everyone adjourned to the auditorium for the much-awaited musical production. As the audiences took their seats, Pastor Victor and Pastor Chew Weng Chee greeted everyone and introduced “Everworld” briefly. It took approximately six months of script writing and rehearsals before the musical cast was fully prepared to perform.


Pastor Chew giving a brief introduction before the musical


At first, I did not know what to expect. But as the curtains unraveled on-stage, I feasted my eyes on the beautifully designed props and costume. There were times when so many people were dancing and singing altogether on-stage, that I could not help but be at awe with the colorful wonder.



This play is about a dream to seek an unknown beautiful place called “Everworld”, a place where hope and joy abounds! But no one from the village of Hopley had been to Everworld… not until the King of Everworld invited them to visit his mystical Kingdom. His invitation broke the long silence spell and marked a new beginning to step foot in a place they could only dream of, as they faced multiple trials before reaching there.



The story focused on two principle characters called Prospero and Callista, who are villagers of Hopley. Their hidden past is an even greater threat to arriving at their final destination than serpents and monsters. Prospero’s real motive for going to Everworld was to atone for his failure as a husband and to fulfill a promise to bring his daughter Elise there, while Callista battles with issues of distrusting men from her past.



As the story goes, Callista’s great need to prove herself becomes her downfall. When she finds herself in the Forest of Dreams, she suddenly possesses power that she maliciously uses to transform her hidden hurts into a desire for vengeance. She is also bent on destroying Prospero because she distrusts him too! She entices her sister to do the job but ends up even wanting to kill her.



At the second half of the story, Callista loses her dark glory and power which she so desired. Then, a light shines into her heart. She cannot deny the darkness lurking in her heart anymore.



It was at this moment of despair that the pure light of Everworld shines. It shows that no one is truly without hope.  The light that lit up the place told them that Everworld is really not a destination to seek but a grace from the Great King that they will meet.  And so Prospero, Callista and the other remaining villagers discovered that during their weakest moment, the hope of Everworld comes to them, so that their journey can continue.



Evidently, a lot of hard work was invested in this original production! To conclude the play, Pastor Chew came on-stage to thank everyone who came.

“The journey to Everworld is a story of a journey we all take in life; a journey to find meaning, purpose and hope. Whether we arrive there or not, it really depends on who we choose to follow,” Pastor Chew said. “Somewhere deep inside us, there is always a cry for acceptance, belonging, peace, hope and forgiveness.”



Many people think that they are not good enough but the truth is no one is good enough. What’s amazing is that no matter how bad we are, God invites us. And whether we find God, it depends on whether we accept His invitation or not.

“There is hope in God no matter how hopeless you feel,” Pastor Chew said. “Have a blessed New Year and a very Merry Christmas!”


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