I saw Jesus Christ when I was dead – Tony Low

Ref: brucesanguin | http://brucesanguin.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Clouds-of-Glory.jpg
Ref: brucesanguin | http://brucesanguin.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Clouds-of-Glory.jpg


Seventeen years ago, Tony Low was diagnosed with nose cancer. It spread to his brain. When Tony died, he saw Jesus Christ, a luminous man wearing a long robe. Jesus resurrected Tony from the dead!

And today, he is alive – speaking and praising God for His miraculous healing hands. He is a God of second chances.


Tony Low (2nd from left) with his wife Ashley Low (1st from left)
Tony Low (2nd from left) with his wife Ashley Low (1st from left)


“I have turned away from God for fifty years, until I saw Jesus Christ seven years ago. So, what did I learn from God?

“It doesn’t matter what language you speak – French, Spanish, Italian – whatever language it is, this God understands the language of prayer! So, if you want to talk to Him, you got to speak by prayer,” said Tony Low.


Ref: scripturalism
Ref: scripturalism


Tony spoke in an evangelistic dinner held at the River of Life Sanctuary in Desa Sri Hartamas, on 25th of November. Organized by the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship (FGBMF), more than 220 people attended this event.

The doctors wanted his wife Ashley Low and his father to sign the consent form, to switch off his life-support machines. But Ashley refused. On the fifth day after his brain operation, he had a vision.

The first thing he saw was his body lying on bed.

“I asked myself, ‘Why am I looking at myself?’ Then, a very strong voice said, ‘Look up.’”

“I saw a bright sun faraway in the sky. It’s like the Heavens were opening up. The clouds were moving right and left away from the centre. And this incredible sun started coming down.


Ref: purpleark
Ref: purpleark


“Then, it started changing shape. I realized that it was not the sun! It was a being. It was someone wearing a long gown like the color of the sun, shining very brightly,” Tony said.

Pure light emanated from the being that he could only see the silhouette of the body. The being came nearer and nearer. Finally, he stood on the right side of Tony.

“So, I always asked all the pastors, ‘Why is this God so shy? He didn’t want to see me eye to eye.’ But now I know the Bible. Exodus 33:20 says, ‘You cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.’

“I can tell you that the God whom you serve today is basically light! Go to 1 John 1:5. Jesus is light and there is no darkness in Him at all,” he said.


Ref: betterchristianity
Ref: betterchristianity


The LORD’s voice rumbled like the thunder. Hearing His voice, Tony’s body quaked before Him. Jesus said to Tony, “Tony, doooo nottttt be afraaaaidddd… Remeeeeemmberrr thisss: I waaaalkkk in froooontt of youuuu fooorrr the ressssttt offf yourrrr lifeeeeee.”

Tony woke up on the seventh day. His wife Ashley immediately brought in the doctor to test his kidneys and lungs. They were working hundred per cent like normal.

But when the brain surgeon came, he told Tony that he had removed a quarter of his brain. As a result, Tony would be paralyzed from neck down.

“You know God never gave me something without a reason. I was paralyzed because I was a stubborn man. I had to wear pampers because I could not go to the toilet.

“Two nurses had to carry me, one on the left and one on the right to help me sit on the toilet bowl. And these nurses were ladies! God is telling me, ‘You want to live like this without me?’

“So, I became very hungry for God. Sitting on the wheelchair, every pastor would ask me the same question, ‘You cannot use your hands. Someone can put the Bible in front of you. But who turns the Bible for you?’


Ref: bible-web-big
Ref: bible-web-big


“Ahhh… you better come and know this God. He had a sense of humor! Paralyzed from neck down, I prayed to God, ‘I want to know you.’ Nothing moved. I am still paralyzed. But suddenly, my little finger began to move. This awesome God allowed me to turn the Bible to read!” said Tony.

So, he did nothing but read the Bible day and night. In only one month, he finished reading the whole Bible. Upon closing the book with his pinky finger, he felt his feet burning in hot fire. Instinctively, he jumped out from his wheelchair!

“Can you imagine I jumped up? I looked right and left. I thought I saw another vision. It could not be real. How could I be standing? That’s because I didn’t know this God! Our God can create something out of nothing!” said Tony.

So, he called his wife Ashley to witness his first few steps. From waddling like a baby, he danced with his wife in three hours! Praise God!


Ref: indonesiandancefestival
Ref: indonesiandancefestival


“This God is real! It’s not just talk from the air. He only gave me one assignment and that is to tell you that He is the Living God,” said Tony.


For this is what the Lord says—

he who created the heavens,

    he is God;

he who fashioned and made the earth,

    he founded it;

he did not create it to be empty,

    but formed it to be inhabited—

he says:

“I am the Lord,

    and there is no other.

(Isa 45:18)


Having part of his brain removed, Tony should be paralyzed from neck-down. But today, Tony is walking, dancing, and rejoicing with the Lord.

Nothing is impossible for God! He is an almighty and all-powerful God. On that evangelistic dinner night, more than 30 people accepted Jesus Christ.


Tony Low (6th from right) with his wife Ashley Low (7th from right)
Tony Low (6th from right) with his wife Ashley Low (7th from right)


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