Hope Street Ministry: A Church With A Difference Giving Hope To The Destitute

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Every church is special in its own way. We have churches that cater to a particular language, we have international churches where there is a great mix of cultures and we have youth churches that are gifted in drawing the younger generation. We thank and praise God that HOPE STREET MINISTRY is also a unique church in its own special way.


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How it all began?

In 2008, ONE VOICE MINISTRIES was founded by Ps. Justin and Ps. Jacqueline Ryan. God called them to establish it with the sole purpose of missions and training. Their heart was to reach the unreached, save the unsaved and train people to do the same. Veronica Louis was with them in the ministry from day one and she also had a heart for missions. As Veron was challenged by Ps. Justin and Ps. Jacqueline to spend time praying and fasting to discover God’s will in her life, God spoke and gave her a heart for the homeless people.

As such in 2012, HOPE STREET MINISTRY was birthed under One Voice. Veron found her calling and purpose in life, and it was sheer joy. She will soon be graduating in her Masters Degree in Practical Ministry. What started out as a vision to reach the homeless people around KL city centre, has now transformed into something awesome for His greater glory. Over the years, their focus has never been the food but the love of Jesus. As they feed the homeless their dream has always been to see these people dedicate their lives to Christ.



Transformed after 5 years

After 5 years, a new vision is taking shape. They no longer stand on pavements with their car boots open filled with food.  Now God has moved them to have their very own street church. It’s a place where street people are able to gather with their own friends in a comfortable atmosphere and worship God the way we all do on a Sunday morning. The only difference is they meet on a Saturday morning. Like any other church service, they start with worship and then to a time of altar call  and ministering where all those who have needs will come up to be prayed for. They then move into the preaching of the Word. As the service ends they have a time of fellowship where all of them are served with a home cooked meal. They even take time to talk to them, counsel them and even play some games to develop a closer relationship.



What makes Hope Street Ministry different?

‘Well, we do not have any married couples, no families, no teenagers and no children in our street church. All those in our church are the homeless whom you might see sleeping at a bus stop, those trying to get off addiction and even some who do have a place to stay but have no family and look to our church as their family,’ Pr Justin shared.

The majority are men who attend the church range from the age of 50 to 60 years.  Each one of them have a story of their own, their own pains, struggles and hurts and they find comfort in worshipping God, hearing His Word, playing games and having a decent home-cooked meal with friends who would accept them as they are.

‘On Saturday 26th August our street church celebrated Merdeka and the message was about the freedom we have as a nation and at the same time the freedom we have in Christ when we are no longer under the yoke of sin. The service was filled with an atmosphere of love and unity. A wonderful instrument of God, Alex, came to minister to the street people and share the love of God through a “magic show”. His gifting in creative arts, help the street people open up their hearts to Christ. On top of that, as they ended, the menu for the day was an authentic Malaysian meal which was Indian-style rice, Chinese-style vegetable and Malay-style chicken rendang.’



Progressive Journey with God

God’s hand of favour has been upon them from the day they started in 2012. God has grown the ministry in a way that only He knows best and many have come to accept Him as their Lord and Saviour. To date, they meet on alternate Saturday mornings at a place that the ministry rents on an hourly basis. They are currently praying for God to open a door and bless them with a place of our own, that they can finally start having services every week and even Bible classes and counselling sessions on the week days.

As they put it,  The street people are hungering for more and many are turning their lives to Christ. All we want to do is give them the best experience of Jesus. They may be HOMELESS or HELPLESS but in CHRIST they are never HOPELESS. Our calling is to make a difference – One Life at a Time”



NOTE: Ps Justin and Ps Jacqueline Ryan the founders of ONE VOICE MINISTRIES gave up their full time jobs as a music teacher and Business lecturer and became full time missionaries in 2014. God has been faithful in many areas. God has gifted them in music and writing.



To date they have released an English Worship Album entitled ONE VOICE, and written two books entitled GETTING INTO THE WORD and SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE. They will be releasing another 3 books in Oct 2017. Come November this year, they will both graduate with a Phd in Practical Ministry. 


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  1. I thanked God for Ps Justin & Ps Jacqueline. God will bless you more abundantly and provide all your needs in ministry as u both served HIM faithfully. There’s no other great joy when we see people lives transformed. That is the True Love – A demonstration Of God’s love through action. I believe God will bring the right people to join your Ministry and right people to be ministered for His glory. God bless you both and also your Workers or co-Workers.

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