Healing from Past Hurts- Yit Ching Li

10 April 2013 by Adeline Lum CM-


“Inner healing is a way to rediscover your identity in Christ,” said Yit Ching Li. “I have not heard about it until I did my theological study in STM (Seminary Theology Malaysia).”

Although inner healing is acknowledged and well known in other countries, it is not widely recognized yet in Malaysia.

“Inner healing is not very popular because sometimes, it overlaps with spiritual warfare and physical healing or deliverance,” said Ching Li, in addition to the perceived risk of self-imagined problem and clear separation of psychological issues from spiritual domains.



Two organizations offer prayer counseling that result in inner healing currently including Elijah House and Raphah Ministry Malaysia.  Both centers are also currently running courses pertaining to inner healing and prayer counseling.

“I have been a Christian for 15 years. So, I cannot say that I don’t know God or my identity in Him. But this knowledge was head-based. And my heart did not accept that I am God’s beloved child nor did I embrace that identity,” said Ching Li.

Our perceptions of our own self and other’s around us are also shaped by our upbringing, culture and experiences.  Nevertheless, when we come into a relationship with God, we also bring in our perceptions or impressions. 

For example, our impression of God is influenced by our impression of our parents or other authority figures in our lives. The Bible speaks of God as our Father.  And for those of us who have a far less-than-perfect childhood, we may find it challenging to understand God’s love for us as a Father. 



Children who have been hurt and unable to express their feelings will grow up suppressing those feelings due to shame or other fears.  These unresolved hurt remains until it is dealt with and healed by the Lord.  Some of these hurts would even find its way to adulthood, manifesting in behavior.

For example, children who grow up with verbal abuse would probably have low self esteem believing in all that have been spoken about them.  Wanting acceptance, they would go around pleasing everyone.  On the other hand, some may abuse other’s verbally because of the anger they felt.  It is always either defensive (protecting ourselves) or offensive (hurt others before they hurt us).



Past hurts are like a broken bone or other physical injuries.  If it is not treated, it will become worse and cause other parts of the body to not function well.  Because it is painful, we protect it so that it won’t cause us pain.

“Our past hurt stops us from receiving God’s love because hurt people build a defense mechanism to make sure they won’t get hurt again. Because of our fallen nature also, we cannot believe that God loves us unconditionally,” said Ching Li.

“If I behave well, I will be loved. If I get good grades, I will be loved. But this is not the character of God because He loves us unconditionally. And sometimes, we think that we’re not worthy or good enough of His Love, thus we work hard to get approval and love rather than accepting it as God lavishes it on us,” she added.



But when we are healed from our past hurts, we are able to see and understand clearer how deep, wide and long God’s love is for us.

“Hence, we are able to fully embrace our identity in Christ,” said Ching Li.

There are many ways to obtain inner healing.  But what is important is being intentional and willing without being too introspective or rushing through it.



“You cannot really completely diagnose yourself for we have a blind spot.  The danger of doing that is that the person may become too introspective with himself or herself without the Word of God and help from other mature Christian counselors. Consequently, one may think that he or she has a problem when there’s no problem. This happens when you don’t depend on God and other’s.  We are not created to survive alone,” said Ching Li.

“Healing is a lifelong process. Initially, it may be overwhelming, very hard and very painful.  We need to make time for it.  Read books, seek help or counseling.  But it is not something we can rush through.  Like taking medicine… it is every 4 hours and not every hour.  God timing is always beautiful,” said Ching Li.



There’s always hope in God but we need to be intentional in seeking healing.   Also, we need to be honest.  Inner healing is a journey of coming out from our shame and hurt.  When we are not honest, we are only concealing it further and not bringing it into light.  The Bible says, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32).” The truth is God’s Word. Renewing your mind with His Word is important.

“If an incident happens, it happened.  If it doesn’t, do not create it,” said Ching Li.

“Inner healing brings greater freedom in being the genuine person in Christ. Our identity and security then lies in Him, knowing that He would always love us no matter what, hence we feel more secure in sharing our true selves.”




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