I am healed, Praise the Lord!

14 March 2013 by James Hoh CM-


“It all started with a shoulder pain when I got up from my sofa seat on October 27 last year as I was just about to attend my friend’s wedding anniversary. This pain was killing me as if a screw driver was drilling into me and I could hardly celebrate even my own birthday!” said Adelene Chong as she recalled her “painful” experience.

“The pain lasted for more than two months. But I had to work in Sabah in November. All the while I struggled with this drilling pain at my work as a healthcare consultant. But soon it was too much to bear!”



“I cut short my trip, made my way back to KL and my daughter Grace took me for a massage in Petaling Jaya, thinking that this would end the pain as it did for many others but it didn’t work for me,” she added.

Being a healthcare consultant, Adelene is well-versed with medical care and so she gave medicated plasters a try. And soon she was plastered all over from her left shoulder right down to her lower lumber and legs. She used up to seven out of 10 pieces of plasters in a box.  Although full of plasters, she gave thanks to God as her pain subsided and she could sleep and eat.

However, many a time when she took the plasters off for a short while, the pain came back almost instantly and she had to put them back quickly to stop the pain.

Desperate for help, she approached acupuncture. But out of fear, Adelene quickly backed off after the ‘doctor’ told her that he had to put the needles screwed into her head.

 “Meanwhile during the two months, my mom who stayed with me kept insisting that the pain started after I had witnessed and prayed for a lady at her home in Kuchai Lama which was full of images of deities.

“Now I realised that I had gone to pray for the lady without proper spiritual protection resulting in spiritual oppression and physically affliction,” Adelene said.

“Suddenly, I remembered a friend of mine knew how to pray for healing. I had witnessed her granddaughter being healed of her allergy all over her body instantly.



“So I quickly drove to her house for prayer. When I arrived at her home, she prayed for my left hand but I felt funny because I had never told her that the drilling pain was on my left hand.

“She prayed for me for the first time in January this year. She found one of my hands was a little longer than the other and it could be the cause of my pain. My shorter hand grew about one centimeter longer and was realigned with my other hand in Jesus’ name. The hands literally adjusted themselves. My daughter and grand-daughter witnessed the miracle in amazement.

“I thought healing would take place but to my dismay, the pain got even worse after prayer. I was confused.

“Now the pain started from shoulder right down to lower lumber and to my left leg. Desperate for relief, my daughter rushed me to see a doctor.

“The doctor said one of my major ligaments was out of alignment. He gave me an injection and my legs felt better and lower lumber felt much better after that.”   

Although Adelene was able to sleep and eat better after the injection, the pain was less but still lingered on. She was still quite weary.

She called her friend again for another prayer session. This time her friend required her to fast one meal a day for five days before the prayer appointment. She obeyed the instruction. 

“So I went for prayer after five days of fasting. This time I asked my friend to ask the Lord in prayer if this was a spiritual attack. I dared not mention the word “spiritual attack” in my circle of friends because my Christian friends would laugh at me and say ‘what great things are you doing for the Lord that the devil would attack you? You think the devil is so free to bother you?’



“Well it sounded so logical and made so much sense. I thought since I was the one who kicked the devil out of the lady’s house in Kuchai Lama, no way the devil could come near me. Nevertheless, I asked my friend if my pain could be the result of a spiritual attack.” she said.

Indeed it was! She received some relief from her pain after being prayed for over the Kuchai Lama incident. It was completely dealt with. She did not know she was actually spiritually and physically afflicted on another occasion during the same period. Therefore, she still pain in her left hand had to keep lifting it to certain angles for relief. She then went back to her friend for a third time.    

She asked the Lord and instantly she saw a huge tree and Adelene was under it. Then Adelene recalled that at the front of friend’s house in Sabah was a huge tree and she had actually went there and stood under it. Her Sabah friend told her there was a certain power that emitted from the tree and she went to feel the power.

She realized that as a result of this incident, she was attacked only after her friend prayed for her the third time. The pain started to go after the prayers.

“After the prayer was done, my friend told me that it would take at least another three days before the pain would fully subside.

“To my joy, after a month I am totally healed and delivered. I didn’t need the medicated plaster anymore. I have been eating and sleeping well. In fact I lost 6kg in my distress then but now I have gained back 3kg,” she said.



“All my friends in workplace and church knew about my suffering and healing because they saw what I went through. No doctors, medicated plasters or intensive massages could help me but Jesus Christ can!” Adelene testified happily.

Jesus Christ still heals and delivers today.

Adelene Chong is my mother-in-law and she attends FGA Kuala Lumpur in Chinese Section. 




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