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12 June 2014 by Donna Uning CM –


“Everywhere I go only good looking people shows up to hear me!” said Keith Johnson to the packed meeting room at the Crown Towers here in Kuching recently. From Florida, USA, Johnson is known as America’s number one Confidence Coach. Only smart, successful and good looking people show up to hear me, he continued adding and, “You got God on your side! So, you have everything you need to achieve your dream.”

How many of you thought you should go further by now at this stage of your life? “You should be. God has destiny for so much,” he called. He spoke about a low time in his life.  “I knew inside that God has destiny for so much,” he said adding, “I knew inside that I was supposed to travel the world and speak to thousands of people. I knew inside that I was supposed to be a bestselling author, be on radio and television.”  

“I knew inside that God has promise me cycles of success; but all this stuff I knew inside is not happening on the outside,” he told. In his brokenness and pain, he looked to God and said, ‘I can’t take this anymore.’ “What’s stopping me from becoming everything I know I was supposed to become?” he questioned. He didn’t ask why. “Sometimes you have got to turn your why into a what. What is stopping me? He asked saying, “When I ask the right question, I get the right answer.”

God said to him that day, ‘do you really want to know?’ When you’re asked that question, number one –  I probably really didn’t want to know or number two – I probably really didn’t know. “If you don’t know, you can’t fix it,” he said.  “Yes, God, I really want to know,” he answered. “What He said to me that day, totally changed my life,” he said. He went from having a broken down laptop and living in his mother in law’s ten by ten bedroom  – and once he discovered the answer, life has been a roller coaster and things have not slowed down ever since.


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Keith Johnson speaking in Kuching.


“What if I tell you that I was missing it by one small thing? Sometimes there is one key that can open a new door of horizon of your future,” he said telling, “That key He gave me radically changed my life. Can I share it with you?” He became a best-selling author, went on national and Christian television; and was also named one of America’s ultimate coaches on Women’s World magazine – the largest read women magazine in the world.  “I don’t say all that to brag. I just want to let you know, no matter how bad things look, don’t quit!”

“He said one word to me, ‘Keith, you lack confidence,’” he said. He had never heard anyone talked about the subject of confidence before. In church, all he heard about was the traditional stuff like breakthrough, sin, check your heart, worship God, just read the Bible, fast and pray. “I heard all those just to come back to my mother in law’s house,” he remembered, asking God to show him in the bible.


Hebrews 10:35,

“Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward.”


“It’s my confidence; therefore, I have a choice,” he said. “I can hold on to it or let go. How many of you know that in the moment of decision, your destiny is being changed?” There are many things all around us that are trying to take it away. He talked about how he was told that he was not graduating kindergarten by his teacher, and grew up believing he was a slow learner. He never read a whole book until he was 23; but today became a bestselling author. There are forces trying to rob you of your confidence, he told saying, “Because I let go of mine and believe the lie, I miss out on the rewards.”

An unrewarded life produces an unmotivated life. “When you’re unrewarded, you stop moving forward; that means you stop changing,” he said. One thing about church people, we’re good about doing church but poor about doing change.

“Just because we love God, doesn’t mean we’re going to live a rewarded life,” he told saying, “If that was true, the church should be a gathering place of the successful.” Instead, the church is the gathering place of the broke, the busted and the disgusted. “Rewards don’t go to everybody; the rewards go to the people who are able to maintain a confident state,” he said.

“Confidence then, is the bridge between me and getting the rewards that God has promised me in life,” he said telling, “Now, I know what I need to fix.” His learned early in his life from his mentor John Maxwell. “When I got this confidence thing, I was a little confused,” he told, “Because I didn’t understand between faith and confidence.” Our faith in God is what puts us in heaven; our confidence is what produces success in life. A lot of people are going to heaven because they have faith in God but few people only experience success here on earth.

He then explained what he called the Success in Life triangle. Number one, your success in life starts with your confidence in God. Your confidence in God should transcend to your believe in yourself.  Religion teaches you not to believe anything in yourself; and religion is the most powerful destroyer of confidence.

“I realized my confidence in God should produce confidence in me because my God is before me. And because I know God is on my team! I should be exuding confidence! Yes, I can! God’s on my side!” he called. He explained this like having Michael Jordan on your basketball team. You have that confidence knowing that you will win.

“Somebody even greater is on my side,” he said. “God Almighty is on your side! That should produce a rock solid believe in yourself! If you don’t believe in yourself, even God can’t help you. If you don’t believe in you, you’re finished!” You may have a mansion over there, but you never have it here. “Jesus didn’t die for you so you can have it over there; He wants you to have the abundant life here,” he added.


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The Success in Life Triangle.


In order to have success in live, you have to have confidence in God, yourself, and other people. “If you don’t believe in you, nobody else’s going to believe you,” he said adding, “Once you’re confident in yourself, you can give some of it away. If your dream is big, and it should, it should be so big that God can fit inside of it.” Tiny visions do not move anyone; they don’t even move you. If you dream, you should dream big. You need to supersize your brain, he added. Not your fries.

Not having confidence in others and doing things yourself, is the greatest potential killer. “Delegation is the ultimate expression of confidence,” he said. We have to give confidence to others.

“Confidence in God, confidence in myself and confidence in others; that’s the key to have success in life,” he said. He also told how he “started studying confidence like crazy,” and what John Maxwell said to him – “Five years from now, you will be the same person you are today except for the people you meet, the books you read, and the CDs you listen to.”

Survey reveals one out of three people have major insecurity issues. “We all think it’s the other guy, but what if it’s you?” he asked. He described about what he called the FUD monster – our own Fears, Uncertainties, Doubts. “Everything you want in life, the FUD monster is standing between you and what you want to achieve,” he said. Doubt is expensive; doubt has costs you. Every day of doubt, you go another year without. God sent the children of Israel to the Promised Land for 40 days, but they doubted. It took them 40 years. “Our own doubts and unbelief keep us living in the wilderness,” he said.


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Keith Johnson and Dr John Maxwell.


Why is the lion the king of the jungle? Is it because he’s the prettiest, biggest, tallest, smartest, or work hardest? When he roars, all the other animals get scared. The lion is the most confident animal in the jungle, that’s why it’s on top, he explained.

“No matter what field – whoever has the most confidence, he’s on top,” he said. It does not matter if you are a Christian or an unsaved person. Confidence will take a person to the very top. “The believer should have the advantage because we’ve got God and they don’t! You’ve got power because you’ve got God on the inside.”

“You can never have confidence if you think you lack something,” he said telling, “How? You say you need more of God? That sounds good though but it’s ridiculous.” When God came inside you, He gives 100 percent. You got God Almighty on the inside. You’re not lacking. You’ve got the power, what’s missing is the confidence fuel. If your jet doesn’t have any fuel, guess what? You’re stuck on the runway; going nowhere. “Once you get the fuel, now you got the power; you can go where you’ve never gone before,” he said.

Keith Johnson has trained over 147,000 Christian leaders, he travels worldwide in response to invitations, and he is the author of five books that share his success secrets. He is a certified speaker, trainer, and coach for the John Maxwell team.


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