God in His Mercy Directed Our Steps to Find a Lost and Vulnerable Girl

Tanjung Aru beach where most of the events in this testimony took place.


This is a testimony to share about how great and miraculous an Almighty God we have!


NOTE: Names within the testimony are pseudonyms to protect identities of persons within it.


On 25/7/17, I received a group whatsapp at 9am. It was a cry for help from a sister-in-Christ from our prayer group, to help search for her missing daughter (who struggled with psychosis). The daughter had left home at 6am that morning.

As I was busy at work, I could not join in the search, only hoping to join in later. Her concerned mother took emergency leave to go round frantically searching for her! Together with some other brothers and sisters-in-Christ, setting out into different directions, they combed the whole of Kota Kinabalu; going to Centre Point, to Likas Sports Complex, to Penampang Megalong, to Servay Hypermarket, to Penampang Sports complex and elsewhere but all to no avail!! In her whatsapp she had said, “Look out for bright orange T-shirt and black shorts that she is wearing!”

As I came back late from work that day, as usual I had my lunch and a quick half-hour nap. On waking up at 3pm, I asked my husband to come and start our afternoon praise and worship. Before he came, I had a glance at my whatsapp and I noticed that they were still on the hunt for the missing girl. (This was 9 hours after the daughter had gone missing).


Kota Kinabalu where the girl had gone missing (Ref: tripadvisor)


The mother was then pleading if anyone can help go to Tanjung Aru area to search for her. I told my husband, “Come, let’s go and help search for her as we have the time now. Instead of praise and worship at home, as this is more urgent!” Fortunately my husband agreed, though he wasn’t very well then.

We immediately popped into the car and as we set off, I straight away upheld to our Almighty God to reveal to us where this missing girl was! I prayed, “Father God, you are such a mighty God and you know everything! Only you alone know the whereabouts of this girl for you are the Alpha, the Omega and of INFINITY!! The whole world is so huge. How on earth can we find her? It’s like searching for a needle at the bottom of the ocean! Father God, we believe you are a God of the impossible!

‘Reveal to us just as the way you revealed to our sister Ibu Ros who cried out to you to reveal to her where her missing daughter was, who had been missing for one whole week then! You heard her cries and revealed to her in a dream and the next day, guided by the dream she found her daughter! Lord, we know nothing is impossible to you. Allow anyone of us to bump into her somewhere, somehow as soon as possible! We trust you Lord.”


Sis Anita Gimfil (the writer of this testimony) with her husband James.


As we reached the Tanjung Aru beach, we parked our car at the entrance and decided to walk around searching for her. At that hour – about 3:15 pm – the sun was scorching hot and there were just a handful of people around. And there was not a single soul in orange attire.

Despite this, we decided to walk along the concrete path towards the eateries (Anjung Selera) to have a thorough look! As we walked along, we saw somebody in dark red far off (almost opposite the eateries). We thought it was the girl but as we came near, it was a guy, and he was not wearing anything orange! As we stood outside the eateries, I stretched my head to look deep into the eateries for anything orange but to our disappointment, there was only one girl in red. There was no one in orange.


Lost girl (Ref: wordpress – used for illustrative purposes)


So I was thinking, “Should I take a peep in the toilet before we proceed elsewhere?” Just then, out of nowhere, right under our nose, the girl in bright orange was seated at the very table right in front of where we were standing, eating all along! I exclaimed, “Shirly, what are you doing here?”

The minute we saw her, she quickly got up, left her food behind and tried to run away! I quickly followed her despite her kept on saying, “Don’t follow me, don’t follow me, I want to be by myself, please don’t tell my mum!” I replied, “No, I’ll keep you company, it’s not safe for you to be alone!”

So she just dashed off and I kept following behind, in the meantime trying to whatsapp the group that I had found her. It was the very purpose that we were out there for! I just kept thanking God for revealing her to us! She was so fast. This went on until finally her mum came at about 6 pm. (She could not come earlier as her daughter had warned us not to tell her mum).


Keeping watch over the girl (in orange under the slides).


We were out there on the beach until 10:30pm because the girl didn’t want to go back home but wanted to stay on the beach that night. At last a brother-in-Christ came to accompany her while I and my husband went back.

Upon reaching home, I contacted the patrol police who went straight there and managed to coax her to follow her mum home at about 11pm. Because of all these incidents that had gone on, I didn’t even have time to reflect on the miracle that happened! We were just so excited to have found her (our main purpose) and to inform everybody that she was safe!


Tanjung Aru sunset at the eateries (Ref: bstatic.com – Used for illustrative purposes)


But when I got back to myself the next day, I realised what an amazing miracle this was! It was really a miracle beyond words! It was not that she just arrived from somewhere but that she was right there at the table in front of us, where she was sitting eating half-way! How could we ever miss seeing her?

That bright orange T-shirt that she wore will never escape our eyes, even from very far away! It’s really God Almighty who just made her appear right before our eyes! He had not just brought us to the exact spot where she was but directed our steps and sight to find her!

It’s really amazing; amazing beyond words, how God did such mighty things! Again it is God who heard our cries for help and granted us our heart’s desire! Indeed He is our amazing, awesome, all-knowing, all-loving and faithful God!

Indeed His ears are never too deaf to hear and His hand never too short to save! He promised us, “If you call upon My name, I will hear you from Heaven and answer you.”


Ref: wordpress


Thanks be to God for His faithfulness, Amen!


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