God did a heart bypass for me!– Victor Liew

Nov 28, 2012, by Adeline Lum CM-


Victor Liew worked in Hong Leong Assurance bank, in the Service Industry Marketing of Insurance Products and Financial Needs.



Accepting Jesus in primary school as the second generation of a Christian family, he backslid completely in secondary school. Finally, at age 45 years old, he returned church when a friend saw a vision of God wanting him to come back and not go astray. But Victor calls himself as a “Sunday Christian” then, still smoking and believing in Feng Shui.

About 50 years old, he had his first heart attack. He had 100% block for one artery, 80% block for two arteries, followed by 75% on the last artery. He was depressed and increasingly hot-tempered; the doctor said that Death could be at his door anytime. So, he went for a second scan in preparation for an angioplasty.



The scan for his arteries was a miracle! A brand new dominant artery was bypassing the 100 percent blocked artery without any surgery!

Not only he got a brand new heart vessel, he also got a new spiritual heart that hungers for the Lord! Giving up smoking, he sent out text messages to all his cell group members who had been praying for him.



Even though Victor was financially fulfilled, he remembered his life before following Christ was empty with no joy.

When asked what he wished he knew at 30 years old, he wished he:

  1. Was prayerful and obedient to God
  2. Followed the way of the Bible, believing the Lord will provide (And God did as he followed him)

He surrendered his dreams in his career and finances to God.

To keep himself close with God, Victor would communicate with God now and then in prayer, before arriving at the office, during traffic jam or time alone.



In the past, due to his lack of biblical knowledge, he would feel nervous if people challenged him about Christ. However, after attending the School of Leadership in DUMC and listening to sermons, he began to understand more about God.

“Now, whenever there’s an opportunity, I will talk about Christ,” said Victor who is leading a vibrant and evangelical Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB) fellowship in Damansara Utama! He urged young working adults to join this fellowship, held every Thursday, from 1-2 pm.




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For more information for the Full Gospel Businessmen (FGB) fellowship in Damansara Utama, please contact Victor Liew at 012-699-5051 or visit http://www.fgb.com.my/


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