Give me the Militant Anointing! – Part 1

20 Sept 2013 by Donna Uning CM-


“We are the army of God,” Pr Julius Suubi spoke, led by the Word of God given to him to the people of Kuching about the militant spirit. “We are not only the police of God who looks only after law and order but we are here to confound the power of darkness! So, a militant anointing comes tonight!” he said.


Ezekiel 1:10 

Their faces looked like this: Each of the four had the face of a human being, and on the right side each had the face of a lion, and on the left the face of an ox; each also had the face of an eagle.


The vision about the glory of God was given to Ezekiel when the people were in captivity.  “Many times, we go through the darkest time of our lives; those are the times we will have divine encounter with God,” he said, referring to those times as wilderness and abandonment. Moses had a divine encounter with God in the wilderness!


Pr Julius Suubi and Pr GT Lim
Pr Julius Suubi and Pr GT Lim


“The days when you are facing challenges are the days you have supernatural encounter,” he continued, thanking God for all the challenges that happened in his life. “Because those challenges taught me how to pray; they taught me how to fast. The devil put me in a mess but God took me out of that mess.”

“So, if the devil is pressing you against the wall, that’s the time to seek God deeper,” he said.

There are four faces in the vision of Ezekiel, showing the four different dimensions of God. And akin to his vision, there are different dimensions of intercessional prayer as well. 

The first face appears to be the face of a man, which resembled God's compassion for mankind. This also shows that God has a human dimension with feelings and emotions.

Does God laugh? Yes! He loves to laugh because the Book of Psalms say that God will laugh from heaven (Psalm 2:4; Psalm 37:13). “There is a human nature in our God,” he said. “He gets touched by what we are going through.” When we enter God's presence to pray, we are neither talking to a rock that is not touched by our prayers or an emotionless idol. 

“When you cry, God cries. Jesus Christ who is the expressed image of the invisible God, showed us how our Father is when He was on earth. At times, Jesus cried when He saw people going through difficult,” he said. “Child of God, God is moved by your tears, moved by your prayers.”


Praise and worship at Blessed Church, Kuching
Praise and worship at Blessed Church, Kuching


“When you are going through a very difficult time in your life, lock yourself up in your prayer closet. Never show people that you are desperate… people will not help you much. But when you are desperate, get in the promise of God and show Him that you are desperate."

“Show Him you are stuck. Tell Him ‘if You don’t open the door for me, no one will open the door for me! If You don’t lift me up, nobody can lift me up! If You don’t bless me, nobody can bless me!’"

“God hears prayers. The bible says whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, he shall be saved. In heaven, it is not just a prayer but God is a God that answers prayer. And I’m here to tell you that in this season, the Lord is releasing you in the season of answering prayer."

“God is about to answer your prayers. God has heard your prayers. God is going to answer your prayers!” he said, prophesying that the church will get touched, the husbands will be born again, and revival will come upon the church.

If you have to cry, just cry. Some of us don’t know how to pray but ask God, "Just hear me if You want to, it’s up to You." The pastor then talked about his adopted daughters in the orphanage. One of them was born with syphilis, which makes her resistant to medicine. She was so scared when they took her up because of the sickness and she was in a lot of pain. Finally, his wife knew about it and this girl began to pray from midnight till six am, crying out to God to heal her. It took some time but one day when she was in intercession, the fire of God fell upon her and she was instantly healed from syphilis.


Bro Phillip Yong (left) from Full Gospel Businessmen, Kuching and Pr GT Lim from Blessed Church
Bro Phillip Yong (left) from Full Gospel Businessmen, Kuching and Pr GT Lim from Blessed Church


“What am I saying? God is touched by our prayers of sincere hearts. Child of God, you need to have a time of personal encounter with God,” he added, recalling the time God sent him to Kenya, where he encountered so many problems.

“Every time, I cried and closed myself in the prayer closet, God answered my prayer,” he said, sharing about the time his church was stuck financially. The pastor had no salary from the church and was working as a volunteer.  He decided to close himself in the prayer closet and prayed for three days, calling out the name of the Lord. After breaking his three-day fast, he opened his email and someone wrote to him about seeing his face for three days. The Holy Spirit prompted the man to send money to fulfill the need of the pastor. Praise the Lord!

“We have a God that is touched by the things we go through. Stop telling people your problems, they will laugh at you. Tell God and God will command them and they will get you what you want,” he said. “You hear me, sisters, stop looking at the young man, ‘Marry me please!’ No, no, no, but use your tongues and pray!”

"The Lord spoke to me and He is saying that if you spend time in my presence, I will command people to give you what you need," he said. “God has compassion. Hallelujah!”

Pr Julius Suubi message to the church will be continued in the second part of this article. Pr Suubi comes from the Highway of Holiness Ministries International, Nairobi, Kenya.


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