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8 March 2013 by Adeline Lum CM-


Vince Seah stood with his shouldered-length hair, before plopping down on the couch. Six years ago, in this same place, he founded the awesome ‘Drummer for Christ’ which is a collaboration of more than 100 Christian drummers hailing from Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and Singapore!


Vince Seah, Founder for Drummer for Christ


And all it took were three ingredients- his background in graphic design owing to him graduating from Lim Kok Wing Institute Creative Technology and working in the advertizing industry, his passion for playing drums, and most importantly his faith for Jesus Christ!

“I started working for New Life Restoration Centre after my job in the advertizing firm. And while having a conversation with God, He asked if I would like to mesh my background, my passion and my faith together,” said Vince. “I thought of a website but I can’t be only posting things about myself. Then, God said that this website is not about me but other people.”



Drummer for Christ was a fulfillment of a prophecy made 14 years ago—during his college years– made by Australian pastor, Greg Beech, who came to preach at New Life Restoration Centre which was also his church.

“Greg told me that I was a tamed shark and God would use me to reach out to people like me in the future,” said Vince who had been a mischief during his younger days.

The prophecy never came across his mind until Drummer for Christ started. Since he was the ‘media guy’, he was usually seen carrying a video camera to record and feature stories of Christian drummers.


Legendary Jerry Felix, part of Drummer for Christ


“I ask questions like: Which church they go to? How long have they been playing? What is their experience in playing? How is it like to be a Christian in the music industry?” said Vince.


Prodigy Arthur Kam, seen in many Drummer for Christ outreach performance


Renowned Christian drummers he had interviewed before were the prodigy Arthur Kam, Elliot Koon from DUMC and Wagner Daniel from Juwita Suwito’s band. Other drummers include legendary Jerry Felix, Andrew Harrison from Planet Shakers and Mike Clemenson from Hillsong Kids.

Because of Drummer for Christ, he was also invited to Singapore to interview Rofl Wjamfel from Hillsong. And that is how God has led Vince, from one drummer to another.


Watch this video for their opening act for "A4J" (Awakening for Jesus) conference in Bukit Jalil Stadium in 2007 involving 15000 youths!


Besides featuring Christian drummers, they were also invited to play for churches, corporate events, and charity events such as NASOM (The National Autism Society of Malaysia). Collaborating across denominations for the Malaysian Christian Music Festival, they also engaged professional Christian drummers to serve the Kingdom of Christ once more such as John Ashley Thomas, Andy Peterson, Juwita Suwito, Aubrey Suwito, Josie Thomas and Genervie Kam.

And in year 2007, they set a new record category in the Malaysian Book of Records for the longest continual drum-playing action in Malaysia! From 17th to 19th of September in conjunction with the Malaysia’s 50th Independence Day, 44 drummers came together to play drums for a non-stop 50 hours sprint on the streets of Sungei Wang Complex.



“I can see God’s favour in this. When we contact our corporate sponsors for this (record-breaking) event, they were willing to collaborate with many kinds of sponsorships. Thousands from various backgrounds, races and nationality came, watched, cheered and even drummed with us as we drum through the day and night. The atmosphere was simply awesome,” said Vince.

When asked about his message for youths, Vince said, “My message for young people is to disciple others. People are constantly looking for acceptance from groups or friends and at you as a leader. Thus, making disciples is a continual process that can come in any forms such as lending a helping hand. Drums are just tools to bring people with a common interest together. It could be anything! At the end, it’s about building friendships and… constantly helping.”

Passion, skill and faith- Imagine this powerful combo in serving God! He can use you too!


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