Farming for the Kingdom Part 1

12 May 2013  by Donna Uning CM –


Here is the Part 1 interview with Pastor Peter Hack of Connerstone Church, Perth, Australia.  

Ps Peter Hack has been in Kuching three times in the last three years.

In the mid-80s, a friend in Ipoh suggested to Ps Hack about speaking at the SIB Limbang, Sarawak.  He had been to Sarawak twice before, but this started his many ministry visits here.


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As senior pastors with Cornerstone Church, Perth, Australia, Ps Hack and his wife Lesley stepped down in 2011 when God spoke to them about stepping out into traveling ministry. As a mission pastor at Cornerstone Church, Ps Hack spends half the time away, mainly focusing in Africa. With a stopover to visit friends in Kuching recently, Ps Hack graciously took time to sit and talk for an interview after a late breakfast with friends.


What brings you to Kuching or Sarawak?

Ps Peter Hack: Sarawak is one of the best places on earth. There’s the beautiful climate, it’s very pretty here. God has moved a lot here too; good things are happening. It’s one of the nicest places to live on the planet. Australia is dry and sandy, it’s quite hot. 

The food is sensational. We went to a Chinese restaurant, visiting friends, and tomorrow we leave for Balai Kerangan, Kalimantan.


Tell us about your ministry in Indonesia.

Ps Peter Hack: We have a project there with a large school and 400 students. Our vision is to provide good education for poor children in Northwest Kalimantan. Our ministry centers 30 churches and planters in the village.

Our long term vision is to have a university and hospital. For our spiritual ministry, it is to reach the Dayak people. We want to bring them education and healthcare, and lift them out of poverty. We are also involved in that in Africa.

In terms of farming, we are looking for ideas. We are looking at projects developing fish farms, which is a good source of income. We want to encourage the church that God has unlock resources given. We have been doing this for 12 years, it is well established. We have 170 staff, with only two western people there, and run by Indonesians.This is at Mount Hope, Balai Kerangan Village.


How did you decide to go to Africa?

Ps Peter Hack: My best friend is in Africa for 20 years.  I’ve been working with him. We have a network in Tanzania, East Africa. We train leaders from every church; it’s a trans-denominational ministry.  It’s a privilege to be there. They are so hungry for God, it’s the atmosphere. The whole culture is affected by revival and the Kingdom of God. The network gathers pastors from all over Tanzania, from the northern half.

In the 90s, mission work goes to denominational churches. Denominations are now tribes, they see each other as enemies, and they fight between denominations.  God has given them a key, everyone wants ministry in Africa.

We come to communities instead. When pastors come to pray, friends come, and God comes too. This brings revival. When you fight, how to hear you pray? Most mission work ignores this key. Pastors become proud and ignore other churches. When they are friends, there’s relationship. We get them to come together and ask for forgiveness. We
have more than 40 locations. Pastors are getting together without us.

Every 2 – 3 months we come in the village to do seminars. In some areas, there’s full on revival where God is moving.

The next step is economic empowerment. How do you apply your Sunday gospel from Monday to Friday in your business, marriage, education, government and different aspects of society? The gospel is not only on Sundays. It was a narrow view of the Kingdom of God, now they have opened their eyes. Why are we poor when we are seated in the best
agriculture in the world? They were taught that pastors are poor and all money comes from the US.

We need to raise up apostles and prophets in every area. Fifty percent are born again in Africa, in the sub-Sahara. Yet, most people are corrupt, violent and in a poor place. Most areas in the farmland are not used. The missionaries taught to get ready for heaven. Jesus taught us, “on earth as it is in heaven.” In the meantime, there’s job to do here. In the grain business, we give them the help they need, give them the keys. Help find the right market value.


How does this work?

Ps Peter Hack: Our pastors network partners with Grain Corporation, a non-missionary organization in Africa. By joining these two organizations, we meet the spiritual needs and pathway to prosperity. The pastors there have strong faith and vision. They’ve grown up in revival. They are full of vision but they have no finance. This can empower them to generate finance. They can use the resources God put in their hands for the Kingdom. Indonesia has the same potential. A growing economy provides great markets for agricultural bodies. This can go for a long time.


How do you see your farming background helped your ministry?

Ps Peter Hack: In the 70s, 80s, and 90s, farming was most profitable. The costs were low to have high quality produce. Now, it’s expensive; the wages are high and the soil is bad. Some years, there are no crops. Africa is where we were 50 years ago. The soil there is what we can only dream about. Now, I can use my skills to bless people.


In the second part of the interview, Ps Peter Hack talked about his journey with God, and how getting saved showed him miracles after another.


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